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Before I start the story about my Electric Smoker Guy I want to thank all my friends who encouraged me to start my blog.

Electric Smoker Guy is an independent blog where you can read everything about electric smokers. The blog is not under any brand’s influence and it is not sponsored by any company so everything I write is based on my experience and research.

Electric Smoker Guy came to life in 2016  and I can thank that to one of my best friends. He was at my place and I made a smoked meal that blew him away. Not long after that, he wanted to make something similar for his family so we ended up at my place where we made another smoked meal. Everybody in his family was ecstatic so he decided to get a smoker that moment. The problem was that he bought the first smoker he saw.

After a week he called me to hang out at his place and I saw that he bought a smoker I had a few years ago! I explained to him that the smoker he bought is not the best one and he was so disappointed because he thought he wasted $300. I told him that it is not true and he smoked food on that smoker for some time. After few months he wanted to get a better one, but this time he asked me for advice.

electric smoker guy homepageThis site is actually his idea. He said he would make me a website and he told me that I should write everything I know about smokers because I know a lot. He told me that I gave him too many information about smokers in short time and that he will probably forget half so I should start writing everything. Also, he mentioned that my knowledge can come handy to other people who want to smoke food.

That is how Electric Smoker Guy was born. My posts, in the beginning, were all text without pictures. A guy from my work saw what I am doing and said that I write good stuff but I have to update my blog, so he showed me how to put pictures on the blog to make it more attractive.

So, that is a story how my Electric Smoker Guy was born and who and what were my starting points.


Today Electric Smoker Guy evolved into something way bigger. I have reviews of all electric smokers on the market and reviews of all the products you can use with the electric smokers. Every post I have, has a review, table with pros and cons, information about replacement parts and accessories for every electric smoker with the final conclusion – my opinion about the smoker.

My plan for next year or two is to write recipes, tutorials, and how to posts. Also, by the end of this year, I want to upgrade my blog with social networks and Youtube channel.

I am so sorry I can’t put more time in the Electric Smoker Guy, but at the moment that is a hobby. I run this blog with a couple of my friends and everything we do, we do in our free time.

The Electric Smoker Guy started with one goal and that is to help my friends and it has evolved into something much more because I’m getting emails from people all over the world looking for advice. Due to that, we wanted to set some goals for the future. We want to become one of the biggest and most influential brands in the whole electric smoker world. Also, we want to offer to people useful information about smoking food and everything related to smoking. The main goal for the next year is to host an event in Orlando where we want to gather as much smoking enthusiast as we can, so we can all meet and share experiences.


The picture is taken from So Perth and Quebec Original because I always forget to take pictures I can use for my blog.

So, our goal is to gather people who share the same love for smoking food and strengthen the entire smoking community.

If you like Electric Smoker Guy or you want to suggest something, feel free to contact us via email or contact form.


From Ted and friends!

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