Smoked Roast Beef – A Step-by-Step Guide

Today in this article I’m going to share a step by step guide of how to roast beef in a smoker for you so that you can have your time of life while having a Roasted Beef in a smoker. This guide will help you smoke a juicy and tendered beef chuck that you can roast easily on any smoker than you want. 

No! Most of the people who are interested in cooking or we should say smoking a roasted beef chuck are those who want to impress the guests at a house party or a grill party.

And through this guide, you will be able to do the same thing for yourself. Though the expenses might matter you would need a Beef Chuck to roast on a smoker and that can be affordable than beef ribs or any other meat-related product.

And I don’t know your area but Beef Chucks are easily accessible in most of the areas of the world.

What You Will Need To Have A Roasted Beef?

How to Cook Roast Beef

Here I will share some ingredients and equipment that you would require for having a Smoked Roasted Beef.

Initial Ingredients:

  • An approx of 4 to 5 pounds of Beef Chuck.
  • A Butchers Twine.

Ingredients for Beef Rub:

  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  • ½ teaspoon chili powder
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder

Equipment And Supplies:

  • Either one of water smoker or charcoal grill
  • You’ll need a sack of charcoal
  • You must have a charcoal chimney
  • You would need a mixture of wood chips. Ideal ingredients: pecan, apple, and oak
  • Have some of the water at your side water
  • To calculate accurate temperature either use Thermostat or instant-read thermometer
  • Have tongs
  • Get a heavy-duty aluminum foil

Stage #1- Prep The Beef Chuck For Roasting:

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First, you need to prep the beef chuck and to do that you need to take a Beef Chuck that ranges around 5 pounds. Then you have to rinse that piece of the chuck with cold water and dry it with a paper towel.

Afterward, you have to cover and secure the chuck with 1 or 2 pieces of twine that you selected.

You can do that by just covering it around its circumference. Then you have to take 3 to 4 pieces of twine and cover the width with 1 to 1.5 inches of interval. This will create a grid-like pattern on Chuck.

Now: comes the turn for the mixture. You need to combine all the ingredients that I have mentioned in a bowl and mix them well by stirring them all.

Then you can rub that spiced mixture onto the chuck that you want to roast covering its all sides.

The thing is that is you directly insert the Beef Chuck for roasting then that is ok. But the thing is when you have applied such spices on the beef then you would want to penetrate those spices to the beef’s core.

And to do that you can keep that chuck in a plastic wrap and leave it in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours and maximum overnight.

Stage #2- Prepare The Smoker:

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Coming towards the Smoker you can easily soak a handful of wood chips that you collected in water right before you place them onto the coals.

Then you need to preheat the smoker or charcoal grill according to your preference up to 250 degrees F. And to have a low and controlled temperature environment you can use half the coals quantity example a half chimney full.

Stage #3- Smoking The Chuck Roast:

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When you think the coals are heated enough hen your job is to insert the Beef Chuck inside the smoker at the centre of the grill. This is right above the drip pan that is filled with water. And you also have to insert temperature probes to calculate the accurate temperature.

Then do you remember that you collected woodchips? Toss it in the smoker and remember this you need to put them in the dry state not wrt like you dod in preparing the smoker.

When you are roasting or smoking meat then the best practice is to use the combination of wet and dry wood chunks. The dry wood chunk helps you to have an intense heat provision and the wet wood chunks to make the heat and smoke control it and make it slower and slower.

There are multiple ways to have heat adjustments you can either use this method or you can use the adjustment method of the smoker vents.

Then you need to bring the temperature down to  225 degrees F, to do that you can either use the vent procedure or the wet and dry wood chips if you want to control the regulation of the smoker temperature.

You need to add fresh and new coals and wood chips for every hour at least up to 4 hours you need to repeat this process.

Stage #4- Low And Slow:

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You need to check the temperature of the smoker every hour and if you want to.control it then you need to keep it stable or around 225 degrees F so that you can have a slow and low-temperature cook.

There is a test for you you have to resist the temptation to open the lid you should open the lid when you have to insert furthermore charcoal, or soaked wooden chips.

To determine the temperature of the grill is a crucial part. So to control your temperature you need to get a digital BBQ thermometer.

Getting a top of the line thermometer that can help you with several functions is the best option for you as it can help you with 2 channel process, one is for calculating temperature for the meat and another one is for the smoker.

With that, there is a remote included that can help you acknowledge the temperature remotely. With that, you are getting an alarm alert that will ring as soon as the temperature falls below the ideal temperature required for the smoker.

Stage #5- Testing for Completion:

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To check for doneness you need to roast the chuck of meat until you see the dark bark appear on the crust of the meat. This way you can easily determine that the meat is roasted or it is just finishing.

Other than that, if you have a thermometer that I mentioned above or any other thermometer that can measure the temperature of the meat then you can measure the inner temperature and it should be 190 degrees F.

The thermometer that I was talking about is from Thermo works and they create or make some of the best thermometers that are used in this line of profession.

They can be the best alternative to your smoker temperature gauge that is built in so now if your smoker grill gauge is damaged or not working then you can easily use this thermometer from thermoworks to replace it and measure the temperature at all costs. 

Thermoworks create some of the top-notch thermometers that are specially designed for this profession.

Now: coming towards the final temperature that you should keep in mind to determine whether your roasted meat chuck is ready to eat or not? The ideal temperature according to various people should not be less than 160 degrees F and this is when the meat chuck is roasted at a medium rate.

But for completion, it should be 190 to 200. And when it comes to internal temperature then the meat chuck can raise its internal temperature up to the maximum value of 10 degrees and if the internal temperature is 190 degrees F and you take it off then it is increased by 200 degrees F then it is perfect for consumption.

Stage #6- Holding:

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Now: all is done we are moving towards completion but there are some steps and stages that you need to follow carefully. Such as this stage holding.

In this stage, you need to remove the roasted meat chuck from plastic wrap and remember the aluminium foil that I mentioned in the accessories. We are going to put that roasted meat in it with a double layer.

You need to then place that meat chuck on to the smoker grill again and keep the temperature of the grill steady up to 225 to 250 degrees F.

You might be wondering why you are doing this. Because now it is time to tenderize the roasted meat chuck to give that the texture that is crunchy and soft. By this, you will be tasting the meat as a properly roasted meat chuck like in restaurants or other places.

Stage #7- Slicing The Roasted Meat:

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When that is done, now it is time that you slice the roasted meat. And to do that it is not easy slicing the meat is a tricky part and to do that you need to learn the technique that can easily help you serve it in a better decoration.

Now you have to remove the aluminum foil that you wrapped the meat in and now carefully remove the aluminium layers preserving the crust of the meat. Then transfer that meat onto the cutting board which is covered with aluminum wrap.

Let the meat chuck rest and cool down to a temperature of  150degrees F for up to 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

You should not slice the meat until last minute waits for it down to the last minute. Why? Because if you cut it early then it will not be as juicy as it should be because it dries off instantly if not sliced at the right moment.

First when it comes to cutting then you should consider removing the twine first. Do that with a sharp chef’s knife that is long and enough to cut in deep.

Now there is a trick to slice as you need to slice it with a thin cut about  ⅛ to ¼-inch thick. For the best taste, you should slice it for the part that you want to eat.

Stage #8- Serving the Roasted Meat:

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The roasted meat should be moist and juicy in all parts. You can either serve it with just sliced meat or you can stuff it in a sandwich and serve it it is completely up to you.

And if you wish eating then you can drizzle some sauce on it especially recommended Cheesily or BBQ sauce. With them, you can easily taste the perfection of roasted meat. 

The perfect combination is when you insert that roasted beef into sandwiches and serve them with a chilled beer that can be the best combination that is tested and acclaimed. As I said you can also make sure that you have put some cheesy or BBQ sauce on top to give the roasted beef more flavor.


We hope that this guide is helpful for you as this guide is collected by some successful experiences of the different cookers. They have shared their experiences to make this roasting a pleasure and comforting job.

All the techniques and methods that I have shared with you are tested and applied so that you don’t have to face any problems roasting a meat chunk. I hope this has helped you to have a pleasant experience of roasting a meat chunk.