Top 15 Smoker Ideas – Recipes That Will Convince You to Buy a Smoker

A smoker is an appliance that is not necessary when you don’t require it but when you need it then it becomes as necessary as eating food.

Yes! You are cooking food in a smoker but what if your mind is someplace else and you don’t want to get a smoker.

Here are some extinguishing recipes that will make your jaw drop and help you make up your mind to get a smoker for yourself so that you can smoke and eat great and delicious foods all year around. 

These recipes are top picked and extremely delicious thus you can’t avoid them and these recipes are so astonishing that only for them you would get a Smoker for your house.

Best Smoker Recipies That Will Make Your Mind To Get A Smoker:

Let’s start with our recipes…

1. Bacon Explosion

Cheddar Bacon Explosion | Ruled Me

Now: let’s begin with Bacon. It is a dish that everyone loves and devours. I mean, bacon is an all-time favorite for most people, and what if I say that you can easily roast bacon in a Smoker. 

Wouldn’t that be fascinating? When you cook Bacon in a Smoker then the texture and the taste of bacon changes and the new taste is like more of a spicy yet soft crunchy texture.

Thus, all in all, you will definitely love it and this dish will for sure make you mind getting a Smoker in your house.

This dish is extremely unique and it can be an ideal dish if you are Smoking it in summer.

Let me provide you with some reason that, why you need this dish for the smoker and how can it make up your mind?

First, it is extremely easy to prep. Secondly, it is not purely bacon you are blending bacon with sausages to give it a more soft hue and pleasant taste.

Thirdly, it will only take 3 hours max to get smoked thus you won’t have to wait for a long time in order to eat this recipe.

So, if you love having bacon then this recipe can be on the next level when it comes to taste and texture and this recipe is the best recipe that you can cook on a Smoker.

2. Sweet and Sticky Chinese BBQ Pork

Sweet and Sticky Chinese BBQ Pork

This delicious-looking dish is not a fantasy yes! You can easily cook it through a Smoker and this can be the dish that you will love.

As the taste is a bit spicy and sweet thus it makes the perfect combination of flavor and that will definitely.

This Korean recipe is a perfect blend of their tradition to the western world and this is commonly known as char siu

Just keep in mind that all the ingredients that you need to prepare this recipe can be bought from your local grocery stores and there are some special items that you would need in order to prepare this dish.

Such as “red fermented tofu and Korean red pepper flakes” These ingredients can be found at any Asian market.

Char Siu can be a complicated dish to prepare but when it comes to preparing then the time flies by and in no time you will have it ready.

There are some complicated methods included in the preparation of this dish and if you follow a specific chef who teaches how to make this recipe work then you would be relieved by the pain of trying it out by yourself.

These chefs are professionally trained in such recipes and they will make sure that you don’t make a mess out of it.

3. Smoked Mac and Cheese

Smoked Mac and Cheese with Gruyere & Cheddar – Louisiana Grills

Anything related to cheese will get me on my foot and want to eat it but this name and the by the looks of this recipe I’m willing to get a smoker just to cook this dish.

As this recipe does not include any meat-related ingredient thus it can be perfect for those who are vegetarians.

This is considered as a side dish for a Smoker and did you know that? You can easily smoke a side dish for appetizer purposes. 

The main thing that makes this dish a viable recipe for cooking is that it includes macaroni and cheese in one place, not only that you are able to smoke a Macroni does that sound sane?

Well, it is a side dish and when you are smoking meat then you should or must smoke a side dish to make sure that it doesn’t lose the touch or taste and go side rails. 

According to my every delicious meat recipe or dish at the table needs a compliment and that’s how a side dish was invented and this side dish will for sure complement all your meat-related cooking.

Coming towards the texture and taste of this recipe then it is extremely creamy and it will for sure melt your mouth with its taste.

By having this you will know the true wonder of flavor cooking. 

With that, you can easily top this dish up with most of the toppings that will enhance the joy of the flavor of this Mac and cheese recipe.

As I said, it is a side dish thus you can eat it separately and this can be a perfect dish for all the vegetarians out there.

Now: you can have both at your BBQ meat and Veg at the same time for those who are Vegetarians and for those who love meat all with a Smoker.

4. Applewood Smoked Chicken

Brined Applewood Smoked Chicken Thighs - Dish 'n' the Kitchen

If you are a meat lover then you might know that chicken holds a special place when it comes to eating meat.

And for those who love chicken, not petting them eating them then this Smoked dish is perfect for you and this can be a stand-alone dish that can make you mind getting a Smoker. 

Any dish related to chicken is easy to make this one is the same. You can easily make this smoked chicken and have the time of your life.

This makes the eating experience enhance by 10,000 hence if you read the proper recipe including the ingredients then you won’t hesitate to get a Smoker to smoke this chicken recipe. 

When you smoke a chicken it becomes crispy and soft if you have that chicken well-marinated.

Other than that you don’t have to worry about anything else.

You just need to get the ingredients right and make sure that you have marinated the Chicken well as it has absorbed all the house that you applied outside. 

Other than that, you just need to keep that marinated chicken in the smoker and wait for it to get smoked.

And if you have a proper Smoker then that will also not consume much of your time. 

But when you extract this chicken from the smoker then you will have the juiciest and wonderful chicken-eating experience.

All of this is possible with the help of a Smoker so, why not get one.

5. BBQ Smoked Ham

Maple Glazed Whole Smoked Ham - Holiday Ham Recipe

This recipe is an evergreen recipe for any Smoker. There is not a chance that you mess up this recipe because this recipe is extremely simple to prepare. 

This recipe follows some simple techniques that can be advantageous for you when it comes to taste the flavor and this Smoked Ham can be the perfect dosh top smoke in summer.

Imagine all your friends and family are at your house and you are cooking.

What is the best recipe to serve? Well, this recipe answers your question as this is simple and when you put this recipe in the Smoker then you can even forget and create some memories with your family and friends. 

With that, if you want an enhanced flavor then you can nourish it from the op with different nourishments such as you can pour some juicy pineapple on top, and then that can make you devour the real flavor of this recipe.

And there are different nourishments combinations that you can blend to get a proper fascinating and mouthful to taste from this recipe. 

The best thing about this recipe is that it is perfect for those extended holiday’s that you get and this can be the perfect dish that you can cook for the first time when you buy a Smoker.

Because cooking this recipe is not rocket science as it is simple and easy to prepare you just need the main ingredient that is Ham.

That’s it then you can move towards the marinating content, which you can get from different forums that are food-related.

But make sure that you have a Smoker obviously because it is a Smoker recipe and if you try to make this recipe with some alternative solution then it will destroy the recipe.

So, I’m not sure that you will buy a Smoker for this recipe but I would say if you want Ham enhanced then this is the way to cook it and you would need a Smoker for this recipe.

6. Smoked Lobster Tails

Smoked Lobster Tails Recipe | Smoking Lobsters - Smoke Grill BBQ

If you are a fan of seafood then this will definitely intrigue you. Yes!

You can smoke a Lobster tail, does this sound like fantasy then you should pinch yourself and get started with this recipe.

Why? Because it will fulfill your wildest dreams for flavor and taste. 

Have you ever eaten Smoked Lobster Tail? Now right? Well, now you can and you can make this right in your home by just getting a well-equipped Smoker this can be one of the best dishes that you can smoke.

If you want to taste a dish that is scrumptious then this is the recipe to follow as you might have eaten lobster Tail but when it is smoked then it enhances the flavor of that and makes you devour your own mouth because it can taste like a mouthful of flavors inserted at once. 

Coming towards its preparation of this recipe then that can be simple for those who have played with seafood before but if you are trying to make anything related to seafood then this can be a complicated recipe. 

If that is the case then you should follow different instructors who teach how to make this recipe with proper precautions and preserving the true form and taste of the final dish.

With that said, I know that you wouldn’t buy a Smoker that cost enough to just cook this recipe but if you do that then you wouldn’t regret your decision as everything matters and everything is worth when it is related to food and you are making great and delicious food from it.

So, why not try it for the first time and nail it serving it to your family and friends to not just simply impress them but to make a mark.

7. Smoked Prime Ribs

Smoked Prime Ribs

Most of the people have eaten Ribs which are baked in an oven.

Yes! Nothing can beat that recipe but when I was on a forum where I came across a recipe in which they taught us how to Smoke a Prime Rib in a Smoker.

And when I tried then I was blown away by the taste and the flavor of that recipe.

This is a recipe that you would want to check when it comes to prime ribs then I think it is head to head leveled by Prime Rib that is made in an oven.

When you smoke a prime Rib then it enhances the taste of that piece of meat and it makes sure that it has a hindrance to charcoal and that can change the taste of the final dish and by chance, I mean it in a good way. 

With that said, this recipe can be a handjob to work on and you would need complete attention when you are preparing the marinating material to coat the rib piece.

So, make sure you don’t miss this recipe up if you want to taste the perfection of prime ribs. 

8. Smoked Turkey 

Smoked Turkey Recipe | Leite's Culinaria

Love thanksgiving?

Well, if you do and if you have a tradition of having turkey on every thanksgiving then you are in luck because here is a recipe that can enhance the taste and joy of eating a turkey.

Yes! Simply by smoking the turkey you can enhance the experience of eating and enjoying Turkey.

But that is not just simple Smoking a whole bird can be an excruciating job and this can take a lot of time.

Thus to have quality food and dish basically to nail this dish you need to concentrate on the recipe closely and make sure that you don’t mess it up somehow.

But when the recipe is ready and finished then you will know the true meaning of flavor and taste and by that, you will be flourished.

I know this recipe is not the perfect one that can make your mind up but when you taste the final dish then you will be devoured by the flavor that it creates and you can’t get the same flavor from the oven. 

This dish can be cooked in the oven, yes but you will not get the right flavor that you will when you smoke a Turkey.

9. Smoked Briskets

Recipe: Smoked Brisket

When there is Smoked attached to any recipe then that does not mean that every recipe can be made in the Smoker.

But As we are talking about Briskets then this recipe can be the perfect one to start your Smoker experience as there are various different variations of this recipe that you can follow to create the perfect combination of Briskets. 

All you need is just a chunk of meat and you are set. And you need to care to notice all the marinating procedures to get the perfect flavor for your briskets.

Smokers are made to have the perfect experience when you are a meat lover and this recipe turns all the meat lovers to their toes and if you are one o them then this recipe can be the perfect recipe that can change your mind to take a Smoker for yourself.

And if you want to eat it then it can be complicated to make it but if you are interested and you are into putting some effort into creating something then this recipe would be great.

As the texture when smoked is crunchy and perfect that can only add to the flavor of briskets, with that this also makes the brisket juicier and you would be fascinated by what can be done by just a simple smoker.

So, what are you waiting for get a smoker and get started with this recipe and if you want details for this recipe then you can get it on different forums that are food-related and they will also teach you how you can easily make this recipe work and get the taste that you imagine.

With that said, this recipe is perfect when you smoke it and it can only be done when you get yourself a smoker.

10. Buttery Smoked Corn on the Cob

Buttery Smoked Corn on the Cob

Here is another sideline dish for you that you can serve with the main smoked dish.

This recipe for Corn Cob is perfect when you are used to grilling your normal Corn on Cob then you would love when you merge that experience with Smoking.

Consider this that when you are smoking any dish then it automatically enhances the taste of the recipe.

Take this recipe for example when you love corn on the cob then it will take that experience to a whole another level and it will provide you with a flavorful and pleasant eating experience. 

So, if you are not intrigued by this then you should consider taking a look at the recipe itself. Why? Because if you are thinking that grilling Corn on Cob is a hectic job so smoking it will be even more hectic. 

But that is not the case, smoking a Corn Cob is easy and if you follow all the recipe instructions properly then you can easily nail the recipe and get a delicious sideline dish for your main course. 

So, I know this is not enough for you to get a Smoker itself but it can add up to the decision making and it will help you make your decision wisely and easily. 

And I’m sure if you are vegetarian then you would want to try this recipe out and especially if you love Corn on Cob then this opportunity can be a great one to get yourself a Smoker and try all the things including this recipe.

11. Chicken Thighs With Beer Marinated Asparagus


If you are someone that loves chicken and can’t get enough of it, This Recipe is going to be the perfect option for you!

With this recipe, you will be able to cook a delicious meal for your dinner and too,  in a very short amount of time, compared to the time that it takes to smoke beef.

This recipe can only be prepared within as short as 2 hours of grill time.

In this recipe, you are going to grill the chicken thighs and you are going to pair it with asparagus that is going to be marinated in beer!

This will make for a perfect choice for a BBQ-themed dinner!

This is a great option for you if you need a fast meal or a meal that can be considered as a “go-to” meal when it comes to smoking Skinless and Boneless Chicken thighs.

The real magic of this recipe will be in the marinated chicken and the paired beer asparaguses, but if you want something a little extra to fulfill your appetite, then you can also pair this dish with different sauces!

After all, we all know that pairing chicken with anything ends up tasting good at the end!

To prepare this dish, you are going to be needing Boneless, skinless, chicken thighs.

I prefer that you take 2-3 thighs for each person, a BBQ Sauce, Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, and a spray bottle.

Have all this, and you are ready to stir up some magic.

12. Smoked Pork Butt Tacos


This recipe is the perfect example of the saying “Don’t Judge a book by its cover”.

Although this recipe is named Smoked Pork Butt Tacos, Pork Butt is referred to as the shoulder of the pig.

Now, this cut is known to have a lot of marbling. Having said that, you can expect this piece of meat to be rather juicy and Tender!

And Using This Piece of meat also allows you to have a lot of versatility.

Now, we are talking about smoked pork butt tacos here, but following this recipe, you can also make Pulled pork Sandwiches! Other than that, this product also allows you to be able to make a homemade pizza!

Just add some pulled pork and add the cheese, and you know the rest! Believe me, this happens to be one of the finest options on the list.

In order to prepare this dish, you have to get the meat all prepped up.

To prepare the meat, you are going to give it a flavoring rub. I prefer using mustard or you can choose any other that you like as well!

However, after you are done flavoring, let it sit for a day so that it can bring a dry, bringing effect due to the salt.

For the next step, all you have to do is toss the meat into the smoker and cook the meat until the inner temperature reaches at least 200F.

After that, it’s going to take about 1.30 Hours for a pound of meat.

13. Brown Sugar Smoked Salmon


When it comes to looking for tasty options, there is nothing that beats smoked salmon in taste and in terms of cooking. Why is that?

Well, Smoked salmon is easy to make, it is very fast to prepare and it tastes amazingly good!

And that’s not even the best part!

The best part is the fact that this dish is based on five different recipes only and can be prepared in less than 2 hours!

Crazy Fast, Right?

If you are looking to up your morning breakfast, or for a topping for your salad, or perhaps a delicious dinner, Brown Sugar Smoked Salmon is your Best Bet!

It is also full of high proteins which makes this product one of the best options in terms of health.

Now, when it comes to preparing this dish, I think that it is best that you go with a bit of Salt and pepper, some dill, and brown sugar for the best taste.

However, if you have some extra time, you should rub the mixture of the materials mentioned and let the salmon sit in the refrigerator for an hour.

However, if you don’t have time, you will be fine by adding the mixture and spices and tossing the salmon into the smoker!

Let the salmon cook until it has reached the internal temperature of about 145 Degrees.

Once you are done, you will be ready to enjoy a delish, healthy meal!

14. Easy Double Smoked Turkey


You know that the list is not completed until you have added some turkey to it!

Now, I know that we have discussed some Smoked Turkey Recipes above, but this one is different than any other recipe on the list and that makes it worth mentioning!

Now, I know Turkeys are a lot of work and that is kind of a deal-breaker for me.

But what makes me willing to try this dish is the fact that this dish can be prepared just by using The Turkey Breast. That cuts out a lot of work!

I’m sure you have heard chefs say that the secret to cooking the perfect turkey is to make sure that Your Turkey isn’t dry!

So we’re going to be working on that as we take a coffee mug and fill it with melted butter, hot sauce, honey, and a sprinkle of rub.

Now, once you’ve added all of it to a mug, you just have to place the mug over direct heat. This will serve as a base for the basting mix.

If you don’t know what basting is, basting is the secret to making our Turkey more juicer and Tender!

Once you are done doing that, you should be able to enjoy an amazing dinner!

15. Barbecue Brisket


If you are a Brisket fan, then I’ve got a thing just for you!

This Barbecue Brisket is a perfect choice for you if you are looking to serve something up for the crowd!

What makes this great is mainly due to the fact that this dish is rather easy to prepare and your friends will become a fan of your cooking after eating this!

To prepare this brisket, you will have to remove any excessively present fat and then will have to apply the brisket rub recipe.

After the application of Brisket Rub, this process is going to be ready for smoking.

But before you do that, it is best if you let the brisket sit for 24 hours before cooking it.

Once all is in order, you can start to cook this amazing Beef Brisket!


If you are wondering this is a long article just to help me get a Smoker then you are wrong this is also for those who already own a smoker and are scouting for new recipes and dishes to devour themselves in.

And if you don’t have a proper Smoker then these recipes will definitely intrigue you to get one so that you don’t miss out on what everyone’s having.

Other than that, all of these recipes and foolproof thus you don’t have to second guess the options and choices that you make just follow the instructions that the recipe provides, and voila you would have a delicious meal for the day.

So, what are you waiting for get a Smoker from any market and get started with these dishes and impress your family and friends while leaving a dominant mark on the taste?