Best 5 Stainless Steel Electric Smokers On The Market Right Now

Stainless steel electric smokers are interesting to people all around the world because that design can make any appliance look professional. Stainless steel is actually inox steel and it is made to withstand corrosion. Due to that feature, it is the common material used in cookware and kitchen appliances.

As it is one of the most popular electric smoker design I want to share with you my personal best stainless steel electric smokers. They are made from quality materials, they have good performance and what is most important, they are user-friendly.

Stainless steel is not a feature that can say if one smoker is good or bad, but it doesn’t affect the design and durability of the smoker. Due to that, I will show you what are in my opinion best stainless steel electric smokers and what makes them so great.

Best stainless steel electric smokers

Each stainless steel electric smoker short review I make will give you basic information about the smoker and if you are interested to learn more about it (or the brand of the smoker) you can do that by reading the whole review of the smoker. You will find a path to that review at the end of each short review below.

Old Smokey Stainless Steel Electric Smoker

old smokey electric smoker Old Smokey Stainless steel electric smoker is one special smoker and I dare to say, unique smoker on the market. It looks very simple because it hasn’t changed its appearance since 1953. What I like about this smoker is that you have to plug it in, check the temperature and everything else is up to the smoker.

This stainless steel electric smoker is as simple as it can be and people are loving it. When you look at it all you can see is one old pot with the lid, but when you turn it on, you see that it is much more than that.

Its special tubular design makes the smoke in the smoker circulate which means that every cooking rack will have the same amount of smoke in the entire smoker. So, if you are interested in getting perfectly smoked food no matter what rack you use, consider this smoker.

The downside of this stainless steel electric smoker is the fact that you have to learn the principle it is working on. The good thing about this smoker is once you learn it, you won’t have to think about it because it will be the same every time.

So, if you are a fan of simple and rustic stainless steel electric smokers, I suggest you read the whole Old Smokey review and find out what makes it so good that they haven’t changed the design in about 65 years.


 Little Chief Stainless Steel Electric Smoker

little chief electric smoker luhr jensen review The story about Little Chief stainless steel electric smoker is actually very similar to the Old Smokey smoker. This classic stainless steel electric smoker is on the market for 50 years and it is still very popular. The Little Chief has some design updates through the history, but nothing major which means it knows how to smoke food.

The Little Chief smoker is made for the outdoors which means it produces a lot of heat and smoke. As the name says it is not a big smoker. You can store 25 pounds of food on 4 cooking racks in the smoker which is more than enough for you and the family.

Don’t get fooled by the design of this simple stainless steel electric smoker because it is filled with different certificates which show you its quality and performance.

There are two designs of the Little Chief electric smoker. You can choose from the front load and the top load system. That basically means that you can remove either the front side of the smoker or the lid. Each of those designs has pros and cons and if you want to learn more about them, visit the full Little Chief stainless steel electric smoker review.

If its size is a dealbreaker for you I want to inform you that there are bigger and smaller models conveniently called the Big Chief and the Mini Chief. You can see their full reviews in the same post where the Little Chief full review is located.


Smokin-It Stainless Steel Electric Smoker

smokin it electric smoker Every model made by the Smokin-it brand is made from stainless steel. I don’t want to show you all models here, I will focus only on one, my personal best. But, you can check out other stainless steel electric smokers made by Smokin-it in the main Smokin-it electric smoker post.

In this short review, I want to focus on the first Smokin-it model as I have already reviewed the only Old Smokey smoker and the First Smokehouse smoker – Little Chief. The first Smokin-it model is simply called Model #1.

This model is good for families because it can fit about 22 pounds of food on 3 cooking racks. This is a low and deep stainless steel electric smoker which means that most vertical electric smokers would need more racks to store that amount of food inside.

What I like about this smoker is that it looks steady and practically indestructible. It reminds me of commercial stainless steel electric smokers. Also, it has very big wheels so you can push it wherever you go.

This is a basic model and the Models #2 and #3 are upgraded version of the Model #1. The other two models are made for restaurants which can give you an idea about their quality and durability. If you want a simple and durable stainless steel electric smoker, read the whole review about Smokin-it Model #1, because it is worth it.


SmokinTex 1400 Stainless Steel Electric Smoker

smokin tex 1400 SmokinTex has a similar policy as the Smokin-it when it comes to their smokers. Every model they produce is the stainless steel electric smoker and they all look the same. They are completely made of stainless steel.

The Smokintex 1400 is a good stainless steel electric smoker but it has a high price. I mean it is really good quality and it has 4 cooking racks in the smoker, but I feel like the price to quality ratio is not the best on the market.

What I like about this smoker is the fact that it has the 800-watt heating element and that it has wheels so you can push it on your patio. When you look at the design of this stainless steel electric smoker and the one made by the Smokin-it, you will notice that they are very similar.

But, that is not strange because they look like every other stainless steel electric smoker, except Little Chief and Old Smokey. Those two have very original designs.

Now, besides the design, I would recommend this smoker and I would recommend you to take a look at the full review because there you can find more about this smoker and other stainless steel electric smokers made by SmokinTex. That way you can decide if SmokinTex is the brand for you or the Smokin-it.


Cookshack Commercial Stainless Steel Electric Smoker

Cookshack commercial electric smoker At the beginning of this post, I have told you that people love stainless steel because it gives a professional look to their appliances. Due to that, I want to show you how a commercial stainless steel electric smoker looks like.

Cookshack is a company which produces both, residential and commercial stainless steel electric smokers and they are true to the stainless steel design. The stainless steel electric smoker I am about to show you is the commercial Cookshack Smart Smoker.

That beast has 1620 square inches of cooking space and 5 cooking racks. That is enough to smoke about 20 chickens and that is why it is a commercial smoker and not residential.

This stainless steel electric smoker is also called a Smart smoker because it has the IQ5 controller. That controller adjusts the time and the temperature in that way, you can leave it unattended over the night.

Every commercial smoker has to have certificates and this stainless steel electric smoker is not an exception. It has NSF and USDA approval and it is on the list of Commercial Cooking Equipment in the USA and Canada.

So, if you are looking for a commercial stainless steel electric smoker I highly suggest you take a look at the full Cookshack stainless steel electric smoker review because it will help you decide about this smoker. Who knows, this might be the right stainless steel electric smoker for you.