Top 10 Best Vertical Electric Smokers Reviews In 2023

The vertical electric smoker is the most common type of electric smoker.

The main reason why people started making vertical electric smokers is to save space because in that smoker type you are stocking food on cooking racks one on top of the other.

The shape of this smoker allows the smoke to circulate in the smoker which gives the meat a special smoked flavor no matter where you put it.

The meat on the bottom rack will be the same as the one on the top rack.

Most vertical electric smokers have a similar basic design, but you don’t have to buy the first smoker you see because vertical electric smokers come in different designs, materials, and sizes.

Those differences can help you decide if one smoker is good for you or not. Due to that take a look at what you need to know before you decide about one vertical electric smoker.

Read my guide about vertical electric smokers and later in the article I will show you my pick for vertical electric smokers in each category.

Best Vertical Electric Smokers Reviews:

1. Char-Broil Analog Vertical Electric Smoker

char broil vertical electric smoker

Char-Broil vertical electric smoker is the first smoker I am about to show to you because it is the most simple one.

This analog electric smoker is easy to use and you don’t have any technology with the smoker. That means it doesn’t have wifi, Bluetooth or digital controls.

If you want the smoker to smoke the moment you put the meat in, then this is the one for you.

This is a medium-sized vertical electric smoker with 505 square inches of cooking space spread on 3 cooking racks.

This smoker has a stand and it doesn’t have wheels but it does have handles on each side of the smoker.

As you can see from the picture, it doesn’t have a window on the doors but I am not sure if it needs one because it is very easy to use and you can’t get confused.

You can see the temperature inside of the smoker with the temperature gauge on the doors so you can always know the temperature in the smoker.

This vertical electric smoker is a great starting smoker because it is easy to use, affordable and gets the job done.

If you are interested in learning more about Char-Broil vertical electric smokers you can read my whole review about it.

There you can also look at other Char-Broil smokers and pick the one that suits you best.


  • One of the most simplest options on the list.
  • One of the best options since it features an intuitive design.
  • Offers a lot of cooking space for its size and comes with 3 cooking racks.


  • This product lacks any kind of technological features with the device.

2. Masterbuilt Digital Vertical Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt smoker 20070910

The Masterbiult vertical electric smoker is little complicated than the analog vertical electric smoker I have reviewed above.

This digital smoker is a good starter vertical electric smoker for people who are interested in having a digital vertical electric smoker.

The smoker has 708 square inches of cooking space and 4 cooking racks in the smoker.

That makes this smoker lightly larger vertical electric smoker, but if you need another size of the smoker you can check the rest of the Masterbuilt models.

The digital controls are located on top of the smoker and they are pretty easy to use. You can set the time and the temperature simply by pushing the right buttons on the controls.

The downside of the smoker is that it doesn’t have windows, but the good thing is that it has a special wood chip loader.

That means you don’t have to open the doors to add wood chips.

This digital vertical electric smoker doesn’t have the stand which means you have to sit or squat when you are smoking and this smoker is definitely an outdoor smoker. It produces a lot of smoke so it is not suitable for apartments.

If you are interested to know more about Masterbuilt vertical electric smoker read my full review in the post about Masterbuilt smokers.


  • One of the most spacious options on the list and comes with 4 cooking racks.
  • This product comes with Digital Controls which make these options a convenient one.
  • Comes with a special wood chip loader that allows you to load wood chips without opening the electric smoker.


  • This product does not have any windows to help the user monitor their cooking.

3. Smoke Hollow Vertical Electric Smoker


The Smoke Hollow vertical electric smoker I want to show to you is another digital electric smoker, but this one has the stand and the window.

As you can see, there are numerous combinations you can choose from.

This digital vertical electric smoker has 4 cooking racks inside of the smoker and the glass on the doors is on the entire door.

That means you can see every cooking rack in the smoker and there is no chance that the meat will turn out uncooked.

Besides the stand, this vertical electric smoker also comes with the wheels on the rear legs which means you can easily transport it from one place to the other.

The digital controls on the smoker help you set the temperature and the time but there is another interesting option.

The Fast-smoker option produces more smoke and due to that, I would recommend that you put the vertical electric smoker outside.

This vertical electric smoker comes in different sizes and colors which is great because you can adjust the smoker to your needs.

Smoke Hollow is a good vertical electric smoker and if you want to learn more about it, read my full Smoke Hollow electric smoker post.


  • This product comes with dedicated windows and a stand.
  • This product comes with as much as 4 cooking racks.
  • Front compartment is made from glass, allowing the user to monitor the cooking.


  • You might have to adjust the stand in order to make this smoker stand stably.

4. Bradley Vertical Electric Smoker

bradley smoker bs611 original electric smoker reviews

Bradley is a famous electric smoker brand and the vertical electric smoker I am about to show you is the Bradley original smoker.

This smoker is great for families and friends, easy to use and made from good quality materials.

The Bradley electric smoker has 572 square inches of cooking space and 4 cooking racks in the smoker. This is not just a smoker because it can also be an oven and dehydrator which is pretty impressive.

Due to that, it has two heating elements, one for smoking (125-watt) and for cooking (500-watt).

There is one catch with this smoker. As you can see in the picture, this smoker is a special bisquette dispenser that adds bisquettes every 20 minutes to maintain the same amount of smoke. Due to their shape, you can only use bisquettes made by Bradley.

Even though it sounds like a beast, it is actually pretty easy to use and I would recommend it to people who want to try a good vertical electric smoker.

If you don’t mind buying special Bradley bisquettes, then I suggest you read the entire Bradley original smoker review and make sure if it is a good vertical electric smoker for you.


  • Made in such a way that it is easy to use.
  • This smoker comes with adequate cooking space and 4 racks.
  • This smoker comes with two different heating elements.


  • This product only uses Bisquettes made from Bradley.

5. Landmann Vertical Electric Smoker

landmann smoky mountain electric smoker

The last vertical electric smoker on this list is the Landmann electric smoker which is very simple to use and understand.

The first and the last vertical electric smokers are analog electric smokers which are for people who don’t want to have any technology on their smokers.

Those smokers are simple to use and you can’t go wrong with them. Besides analog electric smoker, this is also the smallest vertical electric smoker on this list with 443 square inches of cooking space and 3 cooking racks.

The temperature gauge of this vertical electric smoker is also located on the doors so you can always know the temperature in the smoker.

The good thing about this vertical electric smoker is that you can choose the type of door. That means you can get the doors with a window or without one.

Since it is a small vertical electric smoker, people behind it didn’t think it would need wheels and they aren’t completely wrong.

The smoker is not heavy so you can carry it around by the handles although I think that the wheels are the more convenient solution.

This simple yet effective vertical electric smoker is very good for families and friends. If you don’t want the smoker with special digital controls, I suggest you read my whole Landmann electric smoker review.


  • One of the most simple options on the list.
  • Great option for people that want to cook for limited people.
  • One of the most lightweight options on the list.


  • This product does not include any tech features.

6. Royal Gourmet Vertical Electric Smoker

Royal Gourmet Vertical Electric Smoker1

You can have this Royal Gourmet Vertical Electric Smoker for yourself as it offers a spacious and maximum cooking surface to the user.

Furthermore, it has this 457. 86 square inches of cooking surface.

The catchy part of using this smoker is that it is encased with these 3 high-end chrome coated kinds of smoking racks.

This smoker runs on 1500-watt heating power and is installed with a fully adjustable as well as removable digital controller.

You can well note down that this smoker has an integrated thermometer, and it provides you with a quick check and monitoring process of the internal temperature scale.

Individuals have given their thumbs up to this electric smoker because it functions on the grease management system.

It carries a removable stainless steel water pan and also a lidded chip box so that no difficulty is experienced by you while cleaning this smoker.

Moreover, this one is marked to be an analog electric smoker, and it is embedded and infused with the presence of an independent grease cup.

For a convenient, clean-up job and overall maintenance process, these elements are added to this smoker.

We suggest you have this vertical smoker because it shows and displays versatile applications and a wide number of uses.

For any of your cooking needs, this appliance is ideal for you.

In addition, you can go on having smoked BBQ or firewood grilling time of yours by using this smoker. Feel free to steam your food by availing this respective smoker.

It offers you good, or you can say ideal performance each time you use it. It functions on the latch system and offers the success of all cooking performances to the user.

This same smoker has a cool-touch spring door handle.

What We Like:

  • It has a spacious cooking surface.
  • It has got a removable digital controller.
  • It carries an integrated thermometer.

7. Smokehouse Vertical Electric Smoker

Smokehouse Vertical Electric Smoker1

Next, we have this Smokehouse Vertical Electric Smoker that might be liked by you as you can see that this is a Front loading electric smoker!

Most importantly, the package is included with a recipe/instruction booklet. You will also get a 1. 75-Pound bag of chips n’ Chunks in the form of hickory flavor wood fuel.

If you are looking for an electric smoker that arrives in the form of a Non-adjustable heating element, then you can try this recommendation. Keep in mind that you need to operate and run this smoker right at 165 degrees Fahrenheit scale.

It has these easy-to-slide and top-notch chrome-plated grills at its end. In addition, this smoker promises to deliver maximum capacity flavor into your prepared meals and dishes.

This reviewed and subjected smoker is surrounded by a Dishwasher safe drip pan. It is all durable looking and shows to be embossed with the element of aluminum construction.

You will be happy to know that this smoker is Ul, CUL listed, and also CSA listed. When you take it out from the package, then no assembly is needed.

Upon buying it, 2 years of warranty time is given to the customer. Hence, if you do not want to ruin your cooking time and want to make it more professional, then order this electric smoker right now.

What We Like:

  • This one is a Non-adjustable heating element.
  • It has chrome-plated grills.
  • It comes with a Dishwasher safe drip pan

8. ALEKO Vertical Electric Smoker

ALEKO Vertical Electric Smoker5

ALEKO Vertical Electric Smoker is the next best suggestion from our side. This electric smoker has always shown greater efficiency, and that is the USP of it.

It allows you to smoke and cook all of your favorite foodstuffs in less time. Besides, this one is a BBQ Glass Door Gas Smoker.

For smoking your fish and meat and even your vegetables, then this is a desirable appliance for you. The appealing part is that this smoker remains to stay compatible with both of the hot and cold smoking options,

As this smoker is available in a vertical design, that is why it manages to deliver and raise heat evenly and also naturally. It brings improved and highly intense flavor into your meals.

It is all because of the offset design of this smoker that direct heat stays away from your food. Apart from that, this smoker has a large glass door.

This glass door comes with interior lighting, and it even gives you a full front window view so that you can keep an eye on your food content.

There are four adjustable racks present in this smoker, and it gives you immense and extensive space for preceding your cooking job seamlessly.

Lastly, this smoker is made of Heavy-Duty materials, and it has got a Rust-Resistant Iron element in it.

What We Like:

  • It shows greater efficiency.
  • It gives out an improved smoke flavor.
  • It has a large glass door.

9. PIT BOSS Vertical Electric Smoker

PIT BOSS Vertical Electric Smoker5

How about trying this PIT BOSS Vertical Electric Smoker? You can get your hands on it as it is double-walled construction.

The dimensions of this smoker are 20.2″ W x 20.8″ D x 47.3” H, and it has got a total weight of 55 lbs. This smoker has five porcelain-coated cooking racks and embedded with a Porcelain-coated water pan.

There is a factor of blanket insulation present in this smoker, and it has this large viewing window as well in it.

No doubt, this is a popular model because it has a high temp door seal and is surrounded by a Push-button digital control panel.

For externally accessing this electric smoker, you can do that seamlessly. Hence, this smoker is the name of high innovation.

It is an ideal option for doing and carrying out backyard smoking. It is just with a push-button control panel that you can control the temperature of your smoker easily.

The product is included with a programmable meat probe for keeping an eye on and monitoring the internal temperature range of your meat and vegetables.

So, try this model and share your feedback on it.

10. Dyna-Glo Vertical Electric Smoker

Dyna-Glo Vertical Electric Smoker

You might be wondering why to buy this Dyna-Glo Vertical Electric Smoker, we will tell you. This product has a Built-in and stainless steel thermometer.

It has 784 square Inches of the total and whole smoking area, and the total cooking space offered by this smoker is 1176 square inches.

Furthermore, this positively reviewed smoker has Porcelain-enameled and steel charcoal chamber, and it is made in a way to keep and secure your briquettes stacked tightly so that you can see maximum burn efficiency at your end.

The professional point about this smoker is that it operates on the charcoal and ash management system. It carries a removable steel ash pan in it.

This is the kind of electric smoker that gives you maintenance-free cooking time. You can adjust the temperature part and flavor section in any manner you want to.

It is its ‘Smoke Zone’ that shows the ideal temperature range so that you can better infuse and add smoke flavor.

What We Like:

  • It has height-adjustable cooking grates.
  • It runs on an ash management system.
  • It gives you maintenance-free cooking time.

Best Vertical Electric Smokers Buyer’s Guide:

Vertical Electric Smokers

Engineered And Top Notch Smoke Ventilation System:

Firstly, you can have the vertical electric smoker that runs on the professional and precise engineered smoke ventilation system.

It should be able to circulate smoke properly and accurately and be able to carry out the dehydration job seamlessly.

With the induction of engineered ventilation systems, the deep smoky flavor will come into your meals.

Maximum Smoking Capacity:

Moreover, look for the electric smoker model that shows maximum smoking capacity all up to 50 lbs.

If your smoker’s capacity reaches and meets a whopping 50 pounds, then that is great. This way, it becomes easy for you to feed and prepare meals for the entire family at one single time.

Easy And Simple to Use:

It is important for you to have an electric smoker that is easy to use.

In other words, it has to be recognized and marked for its easy-to-use application while preparing any kind of meal.

Large Cooking Surface:

Besides, it is advised to have an electric smoker that is packed with a large cooking surface.

If it has three cooking racks and provides you with a total of 457.86 sq. inches of cooking surface, then that is super best for the customer.

Simple And Quick to Clean:

Avoid buying that electric smoker that is not easy to clean. Try to search for the model whose cleanup process is easier.

If your chosen model has an independent grease cup and its oil residue gets to be collected with the help of a replaceable aluminum oil pan, it means you can buy that smoker for yourself.

The Size of Vertical Electric Smoker:

The first and most important part you have to decide before you buy any smoker, not just the vertical electric smoker, is the size of the smoker. The best way to do that is to think about your family and friends.

Will you smoke for the entire family and a group of friends, or just you and your family? The capacity of the smoker decides how much food you can smoke in one go.

The Doors On the Vertical Electric Smoker:

The good thing about vertical electric smokers is that they have one big door on the front side. Those doors can have glass on them, which is great if you want to see what is happening in the smoker.

That glass is not ordinary; it is tempered glass so it can stand all those high temperatures happening in the smoker.

I would recommend a vertical electric smoker with glassed doors for people who want to see inside of the smoker because if you open the doors during smoking, you will lose both heat and smoke.

Most of the time, the entire process has to start again, and that is not something you want.

Vertical Electric Smoker With or Without the Stand:

You can choose your vertical electric smoker by deciding if you want it to be on the stand or not.

Having a smoker with the stand is good because you don’t have to squat when you are putting the food in the smoker, and if that is an issue with you, then I would suggest you choose the one with the stand.

On the other hand, if you choose the smoker without the stand, you can put it on the table or the kitchen counter, which means you don’t need an empty spot for it in your kitchen or your patio.

Indoor or Outdoor vertical Electric smoker:

Since the vertical electric smoker is the most common design of the smoker, they come in indoor and outdoor versions, and you can choose one of them for yourself.

If you live in an apartment and you aren’t allowed to have a grill on your balcony, then I suggest you go with the indoor vertical electric smoker; just be sure it is an indoor smoker.

There is some vertical electric smoker which produces a lot of smoke which means that they are only made for the outdoors.

Vertical Electric Smoker Mobility:

Now we have talked about the design of the smoker, and we have to cover the smoker’s mobility, too, especially if you plan to store the vertical electric smoker in the garage or storage.

There are two options for the mobility of the smoker. It can have wheels, or it can have handles so you can carry it around.

Most smokers have wheels on the legs, which means you can easily push it from one place to the other and if that is a dealbreaker for you, make sure that the vertical electric smoker you are looking for has wheels.

If you don’t plan to move it around, then the smoker doesn’t need wheels, but it is good that it has been handled. Once in a while, you will have to move it.

Best Vertical Electric Smokers On the Market:

As you can see, you can completely adjust the vertical electric smoker to you and your needs. That means you won’t have any problem with picking the right vertical electric smoker for you.

To make this task even easier, I have made a list of the best vertical electric smokers you can choose from. Pick one from the list, and I am sure you will be satisfied with its quality and performance.


Now, all readers have got enough information on the best vertical electric smoker recommendations. Get your desired smoker model now and convey to us your views.

In addition, these electric smokers make your BBQ time more special and exclusive of all. They give enough cooking area space to the user and deliver you limitless options to smoke your ribs, pies, and also turkeys into it.

Most of these recommendations show double-wall construction, and their smoking heat manages to get well-retained right within the firebox.

Keep tuned with us so that more exemplary suggestions of vertical electric smokers can be given to you.