Our Top Picks For Vertical Pellet Smokers

You might be having a party or dinner with friends and you are wondering how to keep your food and especially your meat so delicious and keep them coming for more. Well, vertical pellet smokers are what you are looking for. Smoke flavored and highly delicious meat is that thing that will give them a memorable experience. Vertical pellets smokers are designed with special features to keep your meat flavored and delicious. It is worth trying.

Pit Boss Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker
  • Cooking racks coated with porcelain
  • 1830 square space
  • Holding capacity of up to 40lbs of pellets

Camp Chef XXL Vertical Pellet Grill and Smoker
  • A sensor gauge to read cooking temperatures
  • Digital control system
  • 150 degrees to 350 degrees temperature working range

The Pellet Pro 2300 Vertical Pellet Smoker
  • An easy-access grease pan
  • Has a reverse flow style side vent
  • Its top vent is highly adjustable


There are many types and models of vertical pellet smokers. All these have unique features and designs to ensure great smoking and grilling experience. Vertical pellet smokers have been designed with unique features such as auto thermoregulators to ensure efficient use. They vary in capacities according to the needs and duties they play. Here is an exclusive list of six best vertical pellet smokers.

1. Pit Boss Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker

PIT BOSS Grills 77550 5.5 Pellet Smoker, 850...
  • Monitor internal temperatures with digital LED readout and meat probe
  • Five porcelain coated cooking grids, 1548 sq in. Includes porcelain...
  • 40+ lb hopper capacity with pellet Purge. 24+ hours of use.

Pit boss has a unique feature of monitoring the temperatures inside it with a specially designed LED display for you to easily read out these temperatures.

It has five porcelain and resistant coatings cooking grids which are 1830 square inches. It has a heat deflector
It has a fully programmable temperature range4s of 450 to 500 ranges
You don’t have to worry about starting this smoker since it has an auto start igniter. It also shuts off automatically.

Key Features

  • Cooking racks coated with porcelain
  • 1830 square space
  • Minimum of 450-degree temperature range and a maximum of 500 degree Celsius
  • Holding capacity of up to 40lbs of pellets
  • Specifications
  • Measures 28 by 29 by 53 inches by dimensions
  • Weighs 131 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 146 pounds
  • Manufactured by Pit Boss Company
Larger cooking space
Longer smoking times
Even heat distribution achieved by the porcelain coating. This guarantees maximum heating.
Auto shutting down and off makes the use of this instrument very efficient and easy
One can program its working since the smoker has programmable ranges of temperature
It is made of highly resistant material making it very durable
May not be suitable for grilling due to indirect flame

2. Camp Chef XXL Vertical Pellet Grill and Smoker

Camp Chef XXL Vertical Pellet Grill and...
  • NEW Camp Chef XXL Vertical Wood Pellet Grill Smoker (PGVXXL)
  • Includes: 4 Smoking Grill Grates, 3 Jerky Racks, 2 Temp Read Probes, 1...
  • Sports a Digital Display, Grease Mgmt System, Pellet Hopper Purge,...

Camp Chef is a dual purpose item ideal for both Grilling and Smoker.It has 4 Smoking Grill Grates, 2 Read Probes, A hanging Rack, and 3 Jerky Racks to your smoking and grilling experience very efficient. It also has 12 Sausage Hooks and is compatible with Deluxe Collapsible Side Shelf. It has a special Camp Chef quality and features a digital display and a unique grease management System.

Key Features

  • A sensor gauge to read cooking temperatures
  • Digital control system
  • 150 degrees to 350 degrees temperature working range
  • A special ash cleaning system
  • Digital temperature display
  • It has a hopper window for pellets


  • Measures 26 by 36 by 15.5 inches
  • Weighs 14 lbs.
  • 15 lbs. of pellets Hopper Capacity
  • 21.5 by 14 inches cooking rack dimensions
  • Manufactured by Camp Chaff Company
  • 136 pounds shipping weight
It serves both grilling and smoking purposes making it a solid choice
It has a large space
Its digital display makes it easy to monitor temperatures in an efficient way
Automatically controls its temperatures using the digital controller
It has a unique sensor gauge to control your cooking temperatures
It is easily portable since it has castor wheels
Easy to clean out
Water can get in the top air vent since it does not have waterproof features at that point

3. The Pellet Pro 2300 Vertical Pellet Smoker

Pellet Pro® 2300 Vertical Pellet Smoker...
  • Extra Large 10cu feet of Cooking Area
  • (4) 21" x 20" Stainless Steel Grates; 1680" of grilling surface
  • Includes our Exclusive PID Controller; maintains temperature within...

Pellet Pro 2300 vertical pellet smoker has an extra-large cooking area of 10cu.
It is designed with stainless Grates made of steel with a large 1680 inches of grilling area
It has a PID temperature controller that maintains a temperature between 5-To 10 degree Celsius
It has an 18 gauge double wall made of steel with a specially designed control fan
Total of four steel grates each measuring a large area of 21 by 20 inches

Key Features

  • An easy-access grease pan
  • Has a reverse flow style side vent
  • Its top vent is highly adjustable
  • Doors seals are heat resistant
  • Heavy-duty latches on the doors
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Meat probe measuring 5 inches
  • Two access holes on the meat probe
It is highly durable. Its parts are made of stainless steel
It has a large capacity and surface area of 10cu
Serves both grilling and smoking roles hence multipurpose
It is easy to transport. It has two tie-down points
Heat efficient
Easy to work with a modernized temperature control system
Measures 42 by 26 by 54 inches
Weighs 200 pounds
250 pounds shipping weight
Manufactured by Smoke Daddy Inc.
May be heavy to move around because of its Heavy Duty roles and capacity

4. PIT Boss PBV3P1 Vertical Pellet Smoker, Copper

PIT BOSS PBV3P1 Vertical Pellet Smoker,...
  • Monitor internal temperatures with digital LED readout and meat probe
  • Four porcelain coated cooking grids, 901 sq in. Includes porcelain...
  • 40+ lb hopper capacity with pellet Purge. 24+ hours of use

This model has a digital LED display and a meat probe. The LED display has a system that monitors the internal temperature of the pellet smoker. It has four cooking grids coated with porcelain material for heat efficiency. The cooking grids has a large capacity of 901 square inches which includes a heat deflector. Hopper capacity is 40 lb. with a special purge pellet ensuring more than 24-hour use. It has a 150 to 450 degree Celsius temperature range and a 300 Watt auto-start igniter that equally shuts out automatically.

Key Features

  • An extra-large 3.2 cu capacity
  • Automatic temperature control of 150 to 450 degree Celsius range
  • Insulated double-wall construction
  • An extra-large 901 square inch cooking area
  • 40 lb. hopper
    • Specifications

      • Manufacturer reference: PBV3P1
      • Weighs 97 pounds
      • 97 pounds shipping weight
      • Measure 26 by 22 by 53 inches in dimensions
      • Manufactured by Pit Boss Grills
        • Pros
          An extra-large capacity t accommodate a large amount of foodstuff
          Easy to use and work with because of its up to date technological features such as the auto start igniter
          It is highly durable since it is made of resistant material
          Heat efficient. Most parts are coated with porcelain
          One does not have to manually adjust the temperatures of the pellet smoker since it has an automated working system that ensures efficient use
          It has a water pan to keep your cooking delicious
          Sometimes under heavy use, the pellets may jam up

          5. Masterbuilt MWS 140S Pellet Smoker, Black

          No products found.

          Masterbuilt pellet smoking model has a smoking rack design that is coated with four chrome design. Meat probe thermoeters included to achieve the right cooking temperature. It features a digital temperature control and has an automated preset smoke and cook cycles. Comes with a 12 pound pellet hoppers to enable long hours of cooking without necessarily reloading it.

          Key Features

          • Has a meat probe thermometer
          • Digital control panel
          • Handles and wheels to ease movement of the smoker
          • Four chrome-coated racks for easy meat smoking in substantial numbers
          • Temperatures set to a suitable 300 degree Celsius


          • Measures 17.9 by 23.4 by 43.4 inches
          • Weighs 126 pounds
          • 126 pounds shipping weight
          • Manufactured by Masterbuilt Manufacturing, LLC
          Large hopper capacity of 12 lbs. accommodates all and most of your cooking and smoking needs
          Digital controls ensure efficiency and simplicity working with this pellet cooker
          Four chrome meat probes offer a large cooking area to hold and smoke your meat
          Easy movement of the smoking pellet made possible by the presence on ideally located wheels and handles
          May be time intensive for the start

          6. 30 Inch Vertical Pellet Smoker by Smoke Hallow

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          With three smoking racks coated with chrome, this model is the ideal choice for your smoking purposes as
          it holds more than 8 pounds in its pellet hoper. It has a cooking temperature range of 180 to 350 degree Celsius and ensures easy portability since it has side handles and caster wheels. Easy pellet cleaning out since it is designed with a suitably located Pellet Hopper door.

          Key Features

          • Hollow cabin smokers to monitor the cabin temperature
          • Handles and caster wheels for easy movement
          • 10” raised for easy access and work with
          • Pellet clean out door for easy and simplified clean up
          • Smoke hollow to deliver smoke flavored and delicious foodstuff


          • Measures 18.9 by 29.9 by 36 inches
          • Weighs 68.9 pounds
          • 68.9 pounds shipping weight
          • Manufactured by Masterbuilt Manufacturing, LLC
          It has a large cooking capacity of 8 lbs.
          Easy pellet cleaning since it has a specially designed pellet door
          Easy to move around. It has handles and caster wheels
          Multi-style cooking
          It may require a specialist on the first-time experience

          What to Look For Before Purchasing a Vertical Pellet Smoker

          Whenever you go to the market either physically or through online platforms, you may wonder what exactly to look for in a good choice of a vertical pellet smoker. You need that pellet smoker that will meet your flavor and delicious needs and one that will take you through a nice and worthwhile experience. Well, worry no more. Here is what you should check if you are to acquire a quality vertical pellet smoker

          1. Automatic/Digital Temperature Control

          There are many types of vertical pellet smokers available in the market. Go for that product which will ensure efficiency and simplicity in its use. Well, your vertical pellet smoker should be modern in terms of technology and automated to meet your comfort needs when using it. The good thing with digital temperature control is that you will not have to keep on checking on the temperatures of your cooking or smoking since your vertical pellet smoker should automatically check on this and equally adjust in an automated way. Isn’t it cool? You won’t have to worry about your smoked food cooking wrong or getting bad in unregulated temperatures

          2. Meat Probe

          To ensure quality and flavor, the vertical pellet smoker you choose should have a good meat Probe. Keenly look at the meat probe features on one pellet smoker and if possible do comparison according to what your pocket can afford. But make sure it has features like hooks to hold your meat as it is getting smoked. You should also consider another important feature of a good meat probe; capacity. This matters according to personal needs. If you need a vertical pellet smoker for large scale and heavy-duty chores of meat smoking, it is obvious that you go for one with a larger capacity. Look at it in terms of surface area and dimensions and the capacity it will hold. Also, consider how to feed in the pellets. It should be as simple to do as possible to give you a worthy experience.

          3. Hopper Capacity

          This is equally an important feature of a cool vertical pellet smoker that you should never overlook. Depending on your smoking or grilling needs, you have to keenly analyze certain features of your solid choice of the pellet smoker. Dimensions are very key to determining this. The larger that capacity the more it holds. So if you want a heavy-duty pellet smoker why not go for a larger capacity? It should also be noted that this goes hand with the number of pellets you feed in there and digital systems that drive the pellet’s consumption. As the capacity increases, you find that you are prompted to increase energy supplied to the pellet smoker

          4. Cooking Surface Size

          You should be careful choosing a vertical pellet smoker to consider the surface area of the cooking space. It goes with the capacity of your smoking or grilling needs. To determine this, I got to the features of the vertical pellet smoker and read its dimensions of the cooking surface. It matters to the amount of food you intend to cook on it. It is too dependent on the number of pellets you will feed on it because this is a direct proportionality case. The larger the cooking surface area the more the energy required to run and smoke it.

          5. Maximum Internal Temperature

          Temperature varies from one vertical pellet smoker to the next. Consider how much cooking you will need t do and how much pellets you will feed on it to generate temperature. Sellers will often specify the temperature ranges under which certain pellets smokers operate. Look at that range and other key features like digital temperature monitors and select the type that will best suit your smoking and grilling needs. You are after quality and flavor. So be keen enough not to lose this at the expense of careless analysis.

          Vertical pellet smokers are the ideal instruments of flavor. If you want to have your meat smoke flavored and delicious and keep your friends and family calling for more, you got to try this incredibly awesome experience of smoked or grilled foodstuff. It is all at your reach. Grab one vertical pellet smoker and gear your new and worthwhile experience right away.