Cookshack Residential And Commercial Electric Smoker Reviews

Cookshack electric smoker logo Cookshack is a company that is on the market for almost 50 years and it all started with the love for barbecue. Now, they are producing smokers, ovens, and grills for both home use and restaurants and caterings.

The founder of Cookshack spent years and years testing all kinds of materials so he can make the best smokers that are simple and affordable. Finally, he made it and since then, the company is producing a good quality product for smoking delicious meals.

Like I have already mentioned, the brand is producing commercial and home smokers so they have products for every situation and for every smoker enthusiast.

The commercials smokers are actually a combination of smokers and ovens and the same story is continued on the smokers they produce for homes.

Through this article, I will share with you reviews of each model, but keep in mind that some models come in different versions which means I will make one main review of the basic model and then below that review you will read other versions of that model.

TABLE OF CONTENT: Since I am mostly focused on electric smokers made for families and friends, I will start my Cookshack electric smoker review with the ones made for homes and after that, I will continue on the commercial Cookshack smoker category.


Cookshack SM025 Smokette Elite Electric smoker

cookshack electric smoker What makes this Smokette so interesting Cookshack smoker is the fact that it is a smoker for families and friends but with commercial quality. You can see that in the design because it really looks like one of those commercial smokers, only pocket version.

Don’t get me wrong, the smoker isn’t small for the family, it is small for restaurants and caterings. This ”little” smoker has 20-25 pound capacity which is more than enough for you and your family. The 750-watt heating element will allow you to cook any type of food and the entire stainless steel construction with insulated interior will make sure that the heat and the smoker stay inside the smoker.

The control units are simple and you can’t miss them because they are located on top of the smoker and they are red. They really stand out on the clean and silver design of the smoker.

Inside of the smoker, you will get large removable drip pan so you can easily clean the interior after the smoking session. Every removable part is machine washable so you can easily clean the smoker fast and simple.

cookshack The doors don’t have glass which is bad if you want to look the smoking process but I don’t mind it. The Cookshack smoker comes with the meat probe so you can always know what is the temperature inside the smoker. A good thing is that you can leave the food inside when it is done so that it stays fresh but I don’t see the reason for that because I know you will take out the food the moment it is done. We just can’t resist that smell, can we?

Another interesting feature of this smoker is the optional cold smoke baffle. It is interesting because it gives you the opportunity to cold smoke. That means that ”any type of food” includes fish, cheese, and others.

The Cookshack electric smoker is really heavy when you look at its size so you have to use the casters to move it around if you have to move it around.

If you are looking for a commercial smoker for your home then this smoker is the one for you. Yes, the price is high, but the quality is pretty good and this smoker will last you more years because commercial grade smokers are durable and this is like a commercial grade pocket smoker.


  • Quality
  • Commercial grade but for home
  • Durability


  • Price

Other Cookshack residential electric smokers

Cookshack residential electric smokers

Cookshack SM025 Smokette Elite Electric Smoker

This is the Cookshack electric smoker I have reviewed above and I want to mention again its main characteristics. The capacity of 20-25 pounds gives you the opportunity to smoke any type of food with the 750-watt heating element with included meat probe. This smoker is made of great quality and every removable part in the smokers (pans, trays, grids) are machine washable which makes it easy to clean.

Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette Electric Smoker

This model is weaker than the basic one – SM025 and you can see it as the starter smoker for you. It has the same 20-25 pound capacity, but the heating element is weaker, it is only 500 watts. That doesn’t mean you can’t smoke properly, of course, but the rest is pretty much the same. Every removable part is machine washable and you can move it around on removable casters even though I wouldn’t recommend removing them because the smoker is really heavy.

Cookshack SM045 SuperSmoker Electric Smoker

The SuperSmoker is bigger than our basic model, but the other characteristics are similar to it. The capacity of this Cookshack smoker is 35 pounds with included meat probe. That size is much bigger than the earlier two and this one might be too big for you and your family. It depends on the number of people who are eating a smoked meal. The 750-watt heating element is the same as the basic model and it allows you to smoke any type of food. Since this smoker is even bigger it is natural that it comes with casters because of it heavier than 2 smokers above.

Cookshack AmeriQue SM066 Electric Smoker

This Cookshack smoker is right between the commercial and home smokers when you look at the size of the smoker. The Cookshack Amerique has 50 pounds capacity which and a 1000-watt heating element which means you can smoke any type of food. Everything is much stronger and bigger on this Cookshack Amerique smoker so I wouldn’t recommend it for home use, even though it fits there and it is much more expensive than other models here.

SM025 Smokette

Cookshack SM025 Smokette Elite Electric smoker

SM009-2 Smokette

Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette Electric smoker

SM045 SuperSmoker

Cookshack SM045 SuperSmoker Electric smoker

AmeriQue SM066

Cookshack AmeriQue SM066Electric smoker

Cookshack SM160 SmartSmoker
Commercial Electric smoker

cookshack smoker commercial With this Cookshack smoker, I have entered another smoker category and those are commercial smokers. Commercial smokers are made for restaurants and catering businesses which means that it has to have a big capacity, great temperature control, and durability. Well, Cookshack smokers have all that, but now I want to focus on the SM160 commercial smoker.

This commercial smoker has 1620 square inches of cooking area and 5 cooking grills. You can smoke 20 whole chickens at a time and that is what makes this smoker commercial. The temperature range produced inside the smoker can be from 100°F to 300°F  which provides good smoking conditions.

This Cookshack electric smoker is an impressive technology smoker because it features IQ5 electronic time and a temperature controller which is simple to use. The smoker can work all the time which is great if you want your smoked meals to be ready for the start of the working hours.

The exterior of the smoker is simple, the stainless steel makes the smoker look like a refrigerator, which is good for restaurants and caterings. The interior is reinforced with 850°F spin-Glass insulation which means that the heat stays inside the smoker.

Cookshack commercial electric smoker The smoker has wheels so you can move it around if you have to but I think if you find the place for it, it will stay there.

The smoker has all necessary certificates like the NSF and USDA approval and the smoker is on the list of Commercial Cooking Equipment in the USA and Canada.

The smoker this size and performance are suitable for small restaurants that are looking for a way to improve their menu and the best way to do that is to introduce new meals. With this smoker, you can smoker everything and it can be that one thing you were looking for. The price is high, but it is a commercial smoker which means that it has to be perfect and this smoker is very close to perfection.


  • 1620 square inches of cooking space
  • 100°F – 300°F temperature range
  • NSF and USDA approval
  • I Q5 electronic time and temperature controller


  • Price

Other Cookshack commercial electric smokers

There are two other models of commercial Cookshack smokers but, before I start reviewing them I want to remind you of the basic commercial electric smoker.

Cookshack SM160 SmartSmoker Commercial Electric Smoker

This Cookshack electric smoker has 1620 square inches of cooking space spread on 5 cooking grids and you can produce the temperature 100°F – 300°F. That temperature makes it possible to smoke any type of food. It also has IQ5 electronic time and temperature control for best performance which is easy to use. The entire Cookshack smoker is a really durable unit.

Cookshack SM260 SmartSmoker Commercial Electric Smoker

This smoker is even bigger than the basic model. It has 3465 square inches of cooking space and 6 cooking grids. The temperature range this smoker can produce is 125°F-300°F which is more than enough to smoke any type of food you want. In this smoker, you can put 40 whole chickens which makes this smoker the best for bigger restaurants and catering businesses. It has the same approvals as the SM160.

Cookshack SM360 SmartSmoker Commercial Electric Smoker

The biggest and the last commercial Cookshack smoker is the SM360 smoker. It has 9,072 square inches of cooking space and 28 grids for cooking. This beast has a temperature range 125°F-300°F which means you can smoke any type of food and it can fit 100 chickens inside. Just like other commercial smokers, this one also has IQ5 electronic time and temperature controller.

SM160 SmartSmoker

Cookshack SM160 SmartSmoker Commercial Electric smoker

SM260 SmartSmoker

Cookshack SM260 SmartSmoker Commercial Electric smoker

SM360 SmartSmoker

Cookshack SM360 SmartSmoker Commercial Electric smoker

Additional parts and accessories
for Cookshack smokers

ADDITIONAL PARTS AND ACCESSORIES FOR COOKSHACK SMOKERS It doesn’t matter whether you need a residential or commercial electric smoker, Cookshack has additional parts and accessories for both of them.

In the residential category, they are more focused on keeping the Cookshack electric smoker in top shape which means that they suggest you buy a protective cover for your smoker. That is a must-have for every smoker which is outside on the patio and a good idea for every smoker that is inside your home. Besides that important part, you can find other useful parts like the replacement parts, cookbooks, wood and pellets and other accessories that can make your smoker work better.

In the commercial category, they are more focused on replacement parts because every commercial smoker has to have a good replacement for any part that can break. They take their smoker’s performance seriously and they don’t want unsatisfied customers.

BONUS TIPS: If you are interested in other accessories made by some other brand but which can fit your smoker then I suggest you take a look at my Electric smoker accessories post because in that post I made a list of every accessory one smoker enthusiast has to have to improve the smoking experience.


Conclusion:  Cookshack smoker models review

I like the fact that Cookshack produces smokers for both, your home and your restaurant. The line between the residential and commercial smokers is thin because they are all made on the same principle which makes the residential smokers high quality, but pricey. I am sure you will be satisfied with any of the Cookshack electric smoker model because their performance is impressive. The only thing that could change your mind is the size of the smoker and the design.

So, if you are interested in checking out some other smokers on the market you can do that because you have to find the smoker that fits you perfectly. I want you to take a look at my Ultimate smoking guide where you can find all the tips and tricks you can apply when you are looking for the smoker for you.