Electric Smoker Replacement Parts for Masterbuilt and More! (2021 Replacement Guide)

Looking for Masterbuilt electric smoker parts?

Below you will find common electric smoker replacement parts for Masterbuilt smokers as well as other brands.

Keeping your electric smoker in good condition is VERY IMPORTANT.

That means they have to be made with good quality materials and every electric smoker needs to provide you a safe environment for preparing food.

You must always be sure to clean and care for it properly in order to allow for a longer span between getting replacement parts, as needed. 

That is why every electric smoker part has to be good and durable but to know a thing or two about electric smoker parts we have to tear the smoker down.

Now, I don’t want to do that literally because I don’t want to ruin a perfectly fine electric smoker but I will do it in theory.

I will take as many electric smoker parts as I can and I will show you what each of them means, what it does, and do you need it or not.

That is the best way to learn more about electric smoker parts and elements most electric smoker has to have.

Basic Electric Smoker Parts:

Here’s a quick look at some of the important electric smoker parts.




Wood Chips Smoker Box
Wood Chips Smoker Box
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Water Bowl Liner for Masterbuilt Smokers
Water Bowl Liner for Masterbuilt Smokers
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Universal Replacement Electric Heating Element Smoker
Universal Replacement Electric Heating Element Smoker
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Universal Water Pan
Universal Water Pan
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Masterbuilt Rack Kit
Masterbuilt Rack Kit
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BBQ gasket & adhesive smoker lid door tape
BBQ Gasket & Adhesive Smoker Lid Door Tape
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When you look at any electric smoker you can see that you can divide it into basic parts.

Every electric smoker on the planet consists of a smoking chamber, electric smoker heating element, wood chip tray, smoker drip pan, and smoker racks.

 1.  The Smoking Chamber: 

Masterbuilt electric smoker

The smoking chamber is the most important smoking element and the biggest.

It is a chamber where smoking occurs and every other part of the electric smoker is in that chamber.

Well, most of them because there are electric smokers designs that have external smoking drip pans.

Every electric smoker chamber must be made from well-insulated materials with doors that fit perfectly.

That way you can avoid losing heat and smoke through small holes between the doors and the cabinet or through the entire cabinet if it is not made with well-insulated materials.

Most electric smoker chambers are made from stainless steel or other good quality metal from the outside and from stainless steel and porcelain-coated metal from the inside.

Those materials are easy to clean and have good insulating properties.

The size of the smoking chamber depends on your needs and desires so you have to be aware that you can choose the size of the smoker you want.

 2.  Electric Smoker Heating Element: 

Masterbuilt electric smoker

The electric heating element is the power source and the heat source of every electric smoker.

They are mostly located at the bottom of the smoker but there are some electric smoker models that have them all around the chamber’s walls.

Depending on the size and the model of the smoker, it can have one or two heating elements.

Just like the number of the electric smoker elements, the strength of the smoker heating element is also adjustable to the size of the smoker.

There are electric smokers with 250-watt heating elements and there are electric smokers with 1500 watt heating elements for the smoker, plus everything between those values.

If you have a small electric smoker you don’t need the 1500 watt heating element for the smoker because it can dry your meat during the smoking process.

The small electric smoker will do just fine with weaker heating elements because there is a smaller amount of meat to cook and a smaller room for smoke in the smoker.

Keep in mind that you choose the smoker with the smoking element that is adjusted to the size of the smoker.

Depending on the model you can get an electric smoker heating element with the thermostat or a smoker heating element with a temperature controller.

Those smokers usually don’t have a temperature gauge or thermostat so you control the temperature in the smoker with the controller on the electric smoker heating element.

 3.  Wood Chip Tray:

where to buy wood chips for smoking The wood chip tray is the smoking tray of every smoker

. It is usually located above the electric heating element and below the smoker racks and it is made to hold wood chips that produce smoke and give the meat that smokey flavor.

If you are looking for an electric smoker that will ease the smoking process for you, then you should get a smoker with a big chip tray because you can put more wood chips inside.

But, don’t put too much because you will end up with overly smoked meat.

Look for a removable chip tray because that will help you during cleaning.

It is very easy to clean the smoker after smoking if you can remove the chip tray, and for example, a smoker water pan.

That little feature can cut your cleaning time in half so I think it is a pretty important part.

Also, there is one other thing you should consider and it is attached to the chip tray.

It is connected to the way you load wood chips in the chip tray. If you want the meat to become delicious you should gradually add wood chips during smoking. But, you have to do that with minimum heat and smoke loss.

So, because of that, buy a smoker that has additional doors (very small opening) for the wood chips. It means that you don’t have to open the big doors to add wood chips.

You can only open that small doors and you will lose a small amount of heat and smoke which is great for your meat.

 4.  Smoker Drip Pan

Smoker drip pan

The smoker drip pan is one of the 3 pans you will find in your smoker and this one isn’t actually doing anything to enhance the flavor, it is actually collecting grease that falls down during the smoking process.

The smoker drip pan isn’t an obligatory part of every electric smoker which means that there are smokers that don’t have them, but I would recommend you get the electric smoker with one, it will make your life easier.

You don’t want to clean everything greasy after smoking and that will probably happen if you don’t have a smoker drip pan.

As you can assume, the smoker drip pan is the dirtiest part of the electric smoker which is good to get the smoker with a removable smoker drip pan and preferably dishwasher friendly.

That way you don’t have to clean it for hours all you need to do is remove the excess of grease and put it in the dishwasher.

 5.  Smoker Water Pan:

Smoker water pan Last but not least of all pans and trays in the smoker is the smoker water pan.

Just like the drip pan, the smoker water pan in the smoker isn’t necessary, but, it will enhance the flavor of the meat you are smoking.

There are some electric smokers that have smoker water pan and drip pan in one which means that the grease from meat falls down in the smoker water pan.

That is not the best idea especially if you want to use the grease later as the sauce or something like that.

It is important to have a removable and dishwasher safe smoker water pan because it is easier to clean it, especially if it is a drip and water pan in one.

Read the paragraph above for an explanation.

There is one type of electric smoker that uses water in the smoking process and it is called electric water smoker.

Those smokers have big water pans that are filled with water and they use it to make the meat juicy and tasty. So, if you want you can read more about electric water smokers in my post.

 6.  Smoker Racks:

Additional racks for electric smoker Smoker racks are located in the smoker and you use them to give the meat soft and juicy taste.


Well because you put the meat on them during smoking.

There is no special number of racks because it depends on the size of the smoker, but most smokers have around  4 or 5 smoker racks.

There are different types of smoker racks and the most popular one is the basic smoker where you put most meat. It looks like the rack you have in the oven and it has to be removable.

Basic smoker racks come with every electric smoker and other types only with special models, but most of the time you have to order them separately.

Other types are, for example, rib rack for the smoker or jerky racks for smokers.

They are used for smoking ribs or jerky because of their shape. Smoker racks aren’t the only thing you can put in the smoker.

You can have hangers that are used for smoking sausages or jerky and baskets and a special smoke shelf used for vegetables and seafood.

As you can see you can smoke any type of food in the smoker and if you aren’t sure about that, check out what smoker racks you can get for the smoker.

If the smoker comes with basic racks and seafood racks, it is logical that it is made for smoking both.

Additional Electric Smoker Parts:

Basic smoker parts are parts that make one electric smoker a good smoker. But, additional electric smoker parts are parts that you can add to your smoker to make it work better or provide you better smoking experience in any way.

We all know that there are times when you can’t find a product that suits you 100%.

So, if you have found an electric smoker that works for you 80% and you really like it you can add that 20 % with additional smoker parts.

I am here to show you what are parts you can add to your smoker to improve it.

 1.  Electric Smoker Door Seal:

Electric smoker door seal The smoker door seal is a great way to make your old electric smoker work like the day you bought it.

If you have a smoker that heats perfectly but you noticed that the doors don’t work like they used to due to usability, I suggest you try with the smoker door seal.

The smoker door seal is actually a smoker gasket that can close the doors so that anything can leave.

The smoker door gasket works easily, most of the time you just have to fix it to the doors, but that depends on the smoker sealant you use.

With this smoker sealant, you can go back to the air-tight smoker that smokes like it did the moment you bought it.

This smoker sealant doesn’t work only on old smokers. If you are satisfied with your smoker but the doors just don’t work properly, use a smoker door gasket.

You don’t have to buy other smokers if you are satisfied with this one. It is a cheap solution that can improve your electric smoker.

 2.  Smoker Temperature Control System:

SMOKE HOLLOW 3616DEWS 36-INCH digital There are smokers that don’t have a smoker thermostat, but only a smoker temperature gauge.

Those smokers are usually analog electric smokers which are simple to use and don’t have any additional parts.

Analog smokers are great smokers and the best way to improve them is to get a smoker temperature control system.

That can be a wireless thermostat, meat probe, or just a basic smoker thermostat you can put in your smoker so you can have good smoker temperature control.

Smoker thermostats are great because you can use them no matter if you have a built-in smoker thermostat or not, you can easily install them to your smoker and you don’t have to use them at all times.

If you are not a fan of the smoker temperature control system, you don’t have to use them at all but I do suggest you use meat probes during smoking, especially if you are smoking large chunks of meat.

 3.  Cold Smoker Attachment:

best cold smoke generator Cold smoker attachment is a cold smoke generator made for cold smoking.

The main difference between cold and hot smoking is that in the hot smoking heating element, wood chips and meat are in the same chamber.

The cold smoking requires you to separate the meat from the heating element and wood chips which means you have to push the smoke in the chamber with the meat.

The best cold smoke generator is from Masterbuilt and it is made to fit on every Masterbuilt electric smoker that has a side wood chip loader.

There are other cold smoke generators that are universal but they require drilling with some models of electric smokers.

If you are interested to learn more about cold smoke generators, I suggest you read my post about Cold electric smokers.