How to Smoke Corned Beef Brisket in Electric Smoker? (Complete Guide)

If you are looking for easy ways of smoking corned beef, then you must buy an electric smoker as it will do the job amazingly.

It is very portable and small, and you can do whatever you want to do without making any effort.

The most amazing part about this is that you can use it not only for smoking corned beef but also to prepare some tasty and delicious meals as well.

You can’t even imagine how tasty your food got when you prepared it in your electric smoker as compared to this stuff that you buy in the markets and stores.

Before we come to the details of smoking corned beef, there something which you need to learn about using it properly.

It will help you to avoid situations like overcooking and drying. Learning a few simple techniques will help you to smoke the best-corned beef.

Some of the simple tips which you need while properly smoking corned beef by using an electric smoker are:

The Cut is the Most Important:

Smoke Corned Beef Brisket in Electric Smoker

If you are smoking corned beef and want to have the most testing experience of that, then it is essential to cut your meat like a professional.

The cutting of the flesh is the most crucial and necessary in obtaining the best overall result. The better the cut of the meat, the better the taste and texture will be.

If you want to get tender and a bone texture that gets your juices flowing, you have to cut the meat appropriately as it depends significantly on the cut.

Moreover, the brisket should also be as tender as possible.

If you know your local butcher very well, then it becomes effortless for you to get the best piece of the beef brisket.  Ask for the appropriate beef brisket.

That piece should not be having any connective tissue or things like that.

SBS connective tissues are not suitable for smoking corned beef, so you must avoid them at all the cost and try to pic the meat with the appropriate cut.

The Flavor:

Coming towards other techniques of smoking corned beef. The next simple method is about making the tastiest flavor.

It is a very simple technique that is is the longer you let your meat sit the tasting year it will be. If you let the meat sit over the night, then the flavor tends to blend in thoroughly.

They also depended upon the technique that The longer you let your me dry, the better it will be. You also can use the dry rub all over the meat for a final touch.

That will surely add some extra and excellent taste to it. After rubbing it, all you have to do is to let it sit over the night so that the flavors can mixe.

Then you have to place it in your electric smoker. Doing that will give you the most amazing and beautiful taste while smoking corned beef.

The Right Temperature:

The Right Temperature

Maintaining the right temperature is also one of the most important factors to consider while smoking corned beef as the temperature.

And the wood used is the most critical factor which must be kept in mind while smoking corned beef.

So, first of all, you must use a good wood for your wood chip box. Then you have to set the heat to a temperature of about 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

It will also preheat your grill with which you can obtain the best results. You must also avoid the high temperatures because, with the high temperature, the meat is not equally cooked.

You have to allow the beef to reach its perfect internal temperature. The ideal internal temperature is around 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

At this temperature, you will have some of the tastiest meat possible.

Pay Attention to Pre-Smoking Preparation:

Pay Attention to Pre-Smoking Preparation

It is also one of the most crucial factors which you must consider while smoking corned beef.

If you want to have the best results, then you must pay attention to the pre-smoking preparations.

One of the best ways to avoid the meat from overcooking is to roll it up in a wet towel before you go for the smoking process.

By doing this, you will ensure the tenderness of your meat.

Then to avoid the condensation, you have to leave your smoker opened a bit.

The way you give attention to your meat before smoking it is significant for getting the best results.

If you let your meat soak in the flavors for a very long time, then it will give you better taste as well as better tenderness.

Moreover, you will also be able to taste that chip wood aroma when you place it on the tip of your tongue.

And the aroma is one of the most key features in the whole smoking process.

After the Smoking:

Coming towards the other crucial factor while smoking corned beef. Your need will be ready when you reach a temperature of 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then you have to remove your meat from the grill. After removing the meat, it is the perfect moment for adding a bit of extra taste to it.

First of all, wrap it in an aluminum foil so that you can have this spicy flavor and better preservation.

Then after taking it out, you can add some extra spices. You must also avoid the cutting of the meat right off the grill.

That is the most common mistake which the newbies make. It will ruin the texture and aroma of your meat.

So you must let your beef cool down, and it’s going to be worth it. The more you let it cool down, the tastier your corned beef will get.

The perfect time for cutting would be about 1 to 2 hours, and then it will be ready to serve.


Smoking corned beef has always been one of the most delicious recipe in all types of occasions.

So just go through the article and learn all the basic tips of smoking corned beef by using an electric smoker. 

All information is given in an organized manner.

You just have to go through the article properly. If you want to have the tastiest corn beef. I hope that I have covered all the aspects.

But if something is left, then you must ask. It will be a matter of pleasure to help you.