How to Clean a Turkey? Easy Steps to Follow!

Food is one of those things that are special for connecting people with others. Turkey is something that can be the best dish to enjoy a meal with your loved ones. bitcoin mixer

But before you cook the turkey it is important to know how to clean a turkey perfectly.

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In this review, we will provide you all the information that you need to know about the ways of knowing how to clean a turkey perfectly.

It will include the right details to help in cooking the best turkey with the cleanest skin that has everything in it.

We will give you a step by step information format to help you go through every minute detail about the ways of how to clean a turkey.

These steps are specially designed to make sure you can clean the turkey perfectly without a doubt.

Whether you are planning to pluck it or skin it, these steps are accurate for you to know hoto clean a turkey properly.

We have also listed all the precautions that you should take before and while you are cleaning the turkey.

These precautions will help you get better results after cleaning the turkey to cook it.

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As this information is useful and able to help in knowing the right ways how to clean a turkey you should go through it thoroughly.

Before reaching the steps to achieve the goal of knowing the ways how to clean a turkey you should know the reason why cleaning a turkey is important.

We have described a proper way to may sure how to clean a turkey that would surely help you to cook the best turkey for your family.

Why Cleaning Turkey is Necessary?

Why Cleaning Turkey is Necessary

Food is something that needs to be clean because we consume it and it becomes part of use.

The better and cleaner things we eat the better results will come upon our bodies. They say that the things you eat will eventually show up on your body.

This is the reason why you should try to eat healthy and clean food if you want better results to stay fit. In the case of turkey, there is a lot that you should do to clean it.

If you are planning on keeping the skin for roasting the turkey whole then you should every tiny feather from it properly.

Then rinse the skin with brine to make sure the bacteria culture is removed from it properly

It will not only ensure the cleanliness of your food but also help you in keeping everything fresh and away from any type of disease.

This is the reason why cleaning the turkey that you want to cook is necessary.

Step #1: Cleaning a Store-Bought Turkey:

Cleaning a Store-Bought Turkey

You can easily buy a good and healthy turkey for your self from the market.

They are cleaned from feathers roughly and then stored in ice-cold temperatures to make sure the meat does not get ruined.

You can buy it and then cook it easily but there are still some things that you need to do to clean even the store-bought turkey. 

The store-bought turkey seems clean from the outside as it is wrapped with a plastic sheet but it requires a good sum of cleaning before you can cook it.

We have listed some of the things you must do if you bought a turkey from the store to cook and plan to enjoy eating it with your family or friends. 

Thawing Your Turkey:

The first and foremost thing you need to do with a store-bought turkey it to throw it properly.

There are different ways of thawing a turkey properly and gain better and faster results. This simply means the turkey would be readily available for you to cook. 

As the store-bought turkey is frozen, you need to know the right ways to thaw it properly. There are two ways to thaw a turkey and make it ready to cook.

One is a long process in which you need to put in the refrigerator and let it defrost with time. This process may take almost two days approximately. 

The second option is to place it in a large bucket filled with water at room temperature.

This will enhance the defrosting process and make the turkey ready for easy cleaning and cooking in no time.

You should also change the water from the bucket every thirty minutes which will make sure that the store-bought turkey is available to cook as early as possible.  

Removing Giblets and Neck Part From Turkey:

When you take hold of the thawed turkey the next step of cleaning is to remove all the giblets from it.

They include the neck part and the internal organs such as the heart, liver, and other things.

You should place the whole turkey in a baking tray because it will give you the space to clean the turkey without making a mess. 

Cut out all the extra things that you do not need to cook from the turkey. Some people cut out the wings and legs too but if you want to cook it whole then it is your choice.

But make sure you remove all the giblets from your turkey to make it clean for you to cook it properly. 

Avoid Washing a Turkey:

The next step of how to clean a turkey is to rinse out the internal part of the turkey. It is to make sure there is no possibility of any part of the giblets remaining in the cavity.

Usually, it is advised that you should not wash the turkey if you want to cook the one which is brined. But you can carefully wash out the inner cavity of the turkey properly.

Make sure you do not spill water on the outer layer of the turkey because it will wash out any effects of brine from there.

After cleaning it properly make sure you place it in a clean place. This will ensure that there is no cultivation of bacteria on the turkey you are about to make. 

Step #2: Plucking and Cleaning a Wild Turkey:

Plucking and Cleaning a Wild Turkey

The second major step in knowing how to clean a turkey is to know the Plucking and cleaning methods.

Whether you buy a turkey from a store or you hunt it in the wild, it is important to clean it completely before cooking.

Plucking can be an amazing choice and it is the best thing to do if you want the real taste in a turkey. 

The plucking process is messy which is why you should do it outside your house. It can create a mess because you need to pluck out all the feathers from their roots.

The plucking process also takes a lot of time because you need to clear out the whole turkey thoroughly. This is why you need to be patient and make sure you do not miss any feathers on the body. 

If you plan to roast, fry, or bake the turkey then plucking is the best thing you can do. It keeps the moisture into the meat while you are cooking it.

This allows you to have juicy and tender turkey after you cook it properly.  

Pluck Out the Feathers and Cut Extra Wings and Neck Parts:

Cleaning the turkey is a tedious task and it requires a lot of effort. But if you do it right they the reward is great.

You should make sure that you remove every feather from the body of the turkey and then clean the skin off.

It will ensure that there are no bacteria that can rot the meat or spread any diseases. 

When you start the cleaning process you should pluck out the feathers and cut the extra parts of the wings completely.

This makes sure that there is only the essential part that needs plucking. You can also cut off the neck part which is not a part of the main body. 

Cut It Into Pieces According To Your Choice:

When you have plucked out all the feathers from the body of the turkey you should clean it thoroughly.

After the whole cleaning part, you can easily cut out the parts of the turkey. these parts include the legs and wings of the turkey.

Some people prefer to cook them differently. But if you plan to cook the turkey as a whole then do not carve out the parts at all. 

Step #3: Skinning a Wild Turkey:

Skinning a Wild Turkey

Last but not least we come to the part of skinning a wild turkey for cleaning. It can be a clean and easy way to make sure you get the turkey meat in its best condition.

The process of skinning a wild turkey is less tedious as compared to plucking. It can be the best choice if you want to carve out the meat from the turkey and cook it on a grill.

Skinning Is Better Than Plucking:

Skinning is said to be better than picking for obvious reasons. Plucking can not only be a tedious task it also needs a lot to keep the turkey clean from the feathers.

Skinning a turkey is a better choice for its uses because it is clean and easy in carving out as well as in cooking too. 

Hang It On Chest Level:

If you want to make the process of skiing faster then you can just hang the whole turkey with a strong rope.

The next step is to make the right cuts at the neck skin and then pull as hard as you can.

It will help you pul out the whole upper layer of the skin of your turkey. 

Make Precise Cuts and Pull:

Making the right cuts to carve out the skin and other parts of the whole turkey is important.

If you do not make the right type of cuts in time then the parts will not turn out as you want them to be.

So make sure you make precise cuts and pull accordingly for better skinning of a wild turkey. 

Wrapping It All Up!

If you can clean the turkey perfectly then it ensures that it will turn out to be fine. These steps will help you in knowing how to clean a turkey perfectly to cook.

This is why you must know the right ways to achieve the goal of cleaning the turkey and keeping it healthy to eat.

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