5 Large Electric Smokers Reviews – (Biggest & Extra Largest)

There are two types of large electric smokers out there, the residential smoker and the commercial smokers.

Residential large smokers aren’t so popular because they are too big for home use. Large electric smokers are smokers that can feed large groups of people.

If you want to feed your family and a couple of friends you don’t need a large electric smoker because you won’t use its entire capacity.

Even if your the host who likes to throw huge bbq bashes, you still may want to consider a smaller smoker that will still handle that type of event.

Feel free to browse amazon for the best electric smoker and you will find plenty that will suit your needs at a smaller capacity.

But, if you want to organize family gatherings or parties for a large group of people and become the next go-to the smokehouse, then you need a large electric smoker and I will show you what you need to know about that type of smokers and if they will be a good fit for you or not.

Be sure to check out all the smoker features on each before deciding what the best smoker for you is.

Such as a digital control panel, Bluetooth remote control options, viewing window, cooking area, hassle-free cleanup and cooking process, ease of use, and portability to name a few.

What Are Large Electric Smokers?

large electric smokers Large electric smokers are smokers that are the size of a refrigerator.

Their capacity is huge and they are beasts in the electric smoker’s category. Now, that doesn’t mean they are hard to handle, but it can mean that they are hard to fill up.

An average large electric smoker has a capacity of around 1500 square inches of cooking space which is double the size of an average small electric smoker, which is enough to feed your family.

By that logic, you can see that the large electric smoker can feed about 20 people at least.

That is why most large electric smokers are commercial smokers, made for restaurants and catering businesses.

They are heavy duty smokers, which can last for a long time and are practically indestructible.

Large electric smokers you can find in any design so that shouldn’t be the problem.

I would recommend you to keep an eye on the transportation of the smoker. If you need a large electric smoker make sure it has wheels because those beasts are very heavy.

If the unit you look doesn’t have wheels you will have to put it in one place without moving because it is practically impossible to move it alone.

If you are interested in getting a large electric smoker, you can check out both residential and commercial smokers because the size is the same and you can find the one you want in both categories.

But, commercial smokers are made for restaurants so keep in mind that their price is higher. After all, they are part of professional kitchen equipment.

Best Large Electric Smokers!

I want to share with you my personal best large electric smoker choices.

Yes, I have them more because each of them is great in its own category and by dividing them into categories you can easily choose which one is the best for you.

1- Cookshack AmeriQue SM066 Large Electric Smoker

Cookshack AmeriQue SM066 large electric smoker Cookshack is a brand that produces both residential and commercial smokers and today I want to share with you their large electric smoker which is right between those two types.

It is a really big smoker, it has 50 pounds capacity which is more than enough for a large group of people.

This smoker is right between the residential and commercial because it is one of the biggest residential in their offer and it is one of the strongest.

This smoker has the 1000-watt heating element, meaning the cooking temperature will smoke your food in no time.

Like I have already mentioned, it is important that large electric smokers have wheels and this one has them.

It is easy to transport this smoker from one part of the patio to the other because it has sturdy and big wheels on all 4 legs, not just back legs.

The fact that it is a combination of those two types of smokers makes this smoker interesting to both businesses and homes. So, if you want to try a residential smoker with commercial features, this might be the one for you.

But, to be sure of that, I suggest you read the whole Cookshack electric smoker post.


2- Char-Broil Deluxe XL Digital Electric Smoker

Char-Broil Deluxe XL Digital Electric Smoker (2) As you can see if, from the name, this Char-Broil model is one of the large electric smokers in their offer.

The basic model of Char-Broil Deluxe digital electric smoker is actually a smaller smoker with 725 square inches of cooking space and that capacity is also pretty impressive.

But, since my topic is a large electric smoker, I want to share with you the biggest Char-Broil deluxe electric smoker also known as the XL digital electric smoker.

This smoker is actually a bigger version of the basic model, which means that their main characteristics are the same.

But, what makes this smoker so interesting to us is its size. It has 1000 square inches capacity and 4 cooking racks inside of the smoker.

That means you can feed your family, your friends, and their partners which is not a small group of people.

The deluxe large electric smoker has a window on the doors so you can see how the smoking process is going the entire time.

It is a digital electric smoker which means it has a digital controlled thermostat so you can easily set the time and the internal temperature of the cooker on the panel right above the doors.

If this large electric smoker sounds like it could fit your needs, I suggest you read the whole Char-Broil electric smoker review because you can find more information about this particular smoker there.


3- Hakka Electric Stainless Steel Smoker – DSH-S03L

hakka electric smoker This is the biggest of al large electric smoker I will review today.

It is a commercial smoker which means it is made for restaurants and catering businesses and their smokers have to have a large capacity.

As you can see it from the picture, this large electric smoker has 8 cooking racks inside while other smokers have 4 or 5 racks. That means that this smoker can fit double to the food of all other smokers I have shown you before.

Now you can see what it means to produce a commercial electric smoker.

Yes, this smoker is a beast but that doesn’t mean you can ‘t use it without complicating instruction.

It is very simple to use because it has a few commands. The design is simple and everything you can set on the smoker is located on the panel on the side of the smoker.

I like the fact that it has two big buttons which means you can easily hit those buttons when you are in a hurry.

That is much more convenient for chefs in a busy restaurant than for people who are preparing a nice family meal.

If you are looking for a commercial large electric smoker I would definitely suggest you take a look at the Hakka large electric smoker because they only produce commercial smokers.

To find out more about the brand and this large electric smoker, visit my post about Hakka electric smokers.


4- Cajun Injector XL Electric Smoker

cajun injector xl electric smoker with glass doors The Cajun Injector XL electric smoker is smaller than other smokers I have reviewed above, but it has one feature I really like. Inside, you can smoke absolutely everything because it has many cooking racks and hangers.

In its 5.05 cubic feet cooking space, this large electric smoker has 2 cooking racks, 2 jerky racks, and 1 rack for sausages.

I hope you understand why I have put this smoker in the large electric smoker category.

It is a great smoker for families and friends and you can smoke so many different foods inside, without buying special racks.

You can smoke so many things: brisket, jerky, and other meats which means that you can feed for days with one smoking process and that can be very convenient.

There is one more feature that makes this smoker different from others on this list.

Others are a vertical large electric smoker, but this one is a different shape. It is half the height of other smokers but it is twice the width.

It comes with the double doors so if you want to put it on the patio, keep in mind about its width.

I like this large electric smoker because it seems more convenient for families and if you feel the same way, read the whole review of this smoker in my post about Cajun Injector electric smokers.


5- Masterbuilt digital XL  Electric Smoker With Pellets

MASTERBUILT DIGITAL ELECTRIC SMOKER WITH PELLETS XL – MES 255S Another beast in the large electric smoker’s category comes from Masterbuilt. This XL smoker is huge and it also uses pellets and not wood chips like the rest of the large electric smokers on this list, so it is a special large electric smoker.

This XL smoker has almost 2000 square inches of cooking space which means you can feed your family, your friends, and friends of your friends in one go.

The people behind this smoker are very proud of it and they have even mentioned that you can fit 30 whole chickens inside.

So, if you weren’t sure what 2000 square inches looks like, now you know.

Pellets don’t act like the wood chips in the smoker which means that you have to adjust your experience if you have smoked with wood chips until now. But, the great thing about this smoker is that it has its own pellet feeder.

That means it adds pellets constantly during smoking and you don’t have to do anything, but make sure that the pellet box is full.

Since the size of this smoker is huge (like other large electric smokers) it has two meat probes inside.

That way you can be sure that the temperature gauge is set the same in the entire smoker and I find that feature very convenient.

The large glass door window for viewing is a nice touch and allows for a consistent cook.

So, if you know a thing or two about Masterbuilt you know that they are a good smoking brand and their smokers are made of good quality.

If those features and capacity of XL pellet smoker suits your needs, I suggest you take a look at the full review of the Masterbuilt large electric smoker. because I haven’t said anything here.