In Masterbuilt, or any other electric smoker of bbq used for outdoor cooking, there are a
number of issues which may happen either due to negligence or not knowing
everything about the system. Even if the best electric smoker will have issues eventually. This is because your cooker is vulnerable to get overheated during the preheating step or any part of the smoking process, there can also be
situations with the timer wrongly setup for the appliance or plenty of other
issues related with the thermostat of the electric smoker. Talking specifically
about the Masterbuilt smoker, things are no different, and in most of the
problematic conditions mentioned here, the Masterbuilt
smoker reset button
could do the trick in most of the tricky and
problematic situations. Please read the following for tips on your smoker troubleshooting if this is your first time experiencing this problem. We hope this will be enough information to help with your problem.

Where is the reset button located in a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

If you are troubled with your Masterbuilt electric smoker,
then don’t worry as you are not alone with such experiences. Despite
Masterbuilt being one of the top manufacturers, or even if you have a new smoker, of electric smokers with a huge clientele and successful products, their products also malfunction and this is
something you would attribute with any appliances at home.

In case of a Masterbuilt, coming across different issues
such as the main heating element overheating, power button malfunctioning or the control panel
displaying certain other error messages on the digital display, the instant solution that comes in
your mind is to get the machine reset. This is a common approach that most of
the people try while troubleshooting any kind of modern appliances at home or

 However, if you try to
search the reset button on the Masterbuilt panel
then you will not see any
button specifically being labeled as a Reset button. However, this reset button
functionality can still be used, while using the control panel of Masterbuilt
electric smoker.

In case of any situation when the reset functionality is
warranted then you can employ this by pressing down the clear button on the
Masterbuilt panel for about 5 seconds. This will reset your Masterbuilt unit
into the default state.

Reset button required in power outage issues:

This is one of the most common issues when using the reset
button is definitely required. There are many users of Masterbuilt, especially
of their wall type oven, where power outage of the unit has become a norm. In
this case, the appliance is in no functioning state but it would continuously
go on to beep and this doesn’t get stopped at all.

An error message on the control message screen also constantly pops up.
The only solution in this situation is to use the reset button just by
pressing/ holding the clear button on the control panel for 5 seconds. The beep
will stop and the system would be in its default state to be operated again.

A point to consider here is that the reset operation in the
mentioned or any other way would not work until you switch off the display.
Therefore, the display needs to be closed first, which will also stop showing
the error message and then the appliance could reset.

Using Reset functionality in overheating situations:

There are at times when users of the Masterbuilt electric smoker may make the wrong timer settings, which may lead to overheating of the unit and the only solution left is to reset the machine, which would eventually neutralize the heating inside.

 When resetting due to overheating or build-up is required, the equipment can be reset in the same way as we have seen above for the power outage issue.

Final Note:

The Masterbuilt
smoker reset button
or more practically, the reset functionality is highly
useful to troubleshoot different issues with the machine. The functionality
isn’t explicitly available on the Masterbuilt control panel but it could be
exploited by pressing down the clear button for 5 seconds. If you are still having trouble, then try to google around for any other people that had the same issues or you can try and contact Masterbuilt, perhaps you need some replacement parts. Don’t get discouraged, it is perfectly normal for this error to happen to any digital electric smoker versus using a propane smoker or charcoal smoker. Once you get this fixed you can get back to smoking meat, such as a yummy brisket or delish baby back ribs!

Masterbuilt Smoker Reset Button